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The DDLGenerator (DDL=DataDefinitionLanguage) is a tool for extracting table and column information from (deegree) annotated GML application schemas, i.e. with mappings for featuretypes (to tables) and properties (to columns). The output is a SQL-CREATE (and a DROP) script for setting up the needed tables. In conjunction with the SchemaAnnotator, this allows for an automatic generation of datastore configuration and databases from GML application schemas.

As the syntax of SQL statements (especially for geometry tables/columns) is quite different from database vendor to vendor, each database has to be supported individually. Currently, the following databases are supported by DDLGenerator:

Example for creating PostGIS DDL scripts from an annotated GML application schema named "country.xsd". Output files are "create.sql" and "drop.sql".

java -classpath ... org.deegree.tools.datastore.DDLGenerator POSTGIS country.xsd create.sql drop.sql

Same for Oracle Spatial:

java -classpath ... org.deegree.tools.datastore.DDLGenerator ORACLE country.xsd create.sql drop.sql

General syntax:

Usage: DDLGenerator <FLAVOUR> <input.xsd> <create.sql> <drop.sql> [DB_SCHEMA]

The optional DB_SCHEMA parameter allows to generate a database schema for the tables as well. This is experimental and currently only available for the PostGIS mode.


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