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deegree @ FOSS4G 2010

1. Tutorial

T-13: Conquering complex application schemas (INSPIRE Data Themes, GeoSciML, ...) with deegree 3 web services

This hands-on tutorial covers the setup of the upcoming deegree 3 featureService and its configuration for complex application schemas. As working examples, (all!) INSPIRE Annex I Data Themes and GeoSciML 2.1 will be served from both GML files and a PostGIS database. We will explore requesting the features using the WFS protocol as well as performing transactions using WFS-T. Finally, real-time styling and rendering of the features will be demonstrated using the deegree mapService.

Read more about this tutorial at the FOSS4G conference homepage.

2. Presentations

deegree project report: past, present, future

deegree is a graduated OSGeo project which provides geospatial components for the Java platform. It offers interoperable web services based on OGC specifications, client applications as well as a geospatial API.

Read more about this presentation at the FOSS4G conference homepage.

Introducing deegree 3 WPS

This presentation will cover the new WPS implementation in deegree3 in detail. We will demonstrate the easy installation of the service. We will highlight the use of XML, KVP and SOAP requests and explain the range of different input and output parameter types. We will introduce and demonstrate the easy-to-use API for implementing processes.

Read more about this presentation at the FOSS4G conference homepage.

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