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Getting Involved

1. Mailing Lists

  • Users:

    • questions regarding installing and deploying deegree
    • questions on service configuration
  • Developers:

    • to add code, supply patches etc
    • discuss future code developments
  • Announcements:

    • get informed about new releases and events

2. Issue Trackers

Here is a list of our issue tracking systems:

3. Contact PSC & TMC

4. IRC Channel

Channel #deegree on freenode.net (irc://freenode.net). Choose an IRC client for your platform or use the webclient for connecting:

  • Open the freenode web client or enter /network freenode in your chat client

  • Choose a nickname
  • Enter channel #deegree or type /join #deegree in your chat client

  • Solve captcha
  • Connect

5. Code repository / contributing

deegree's code is hosted at GitHub.

If you want to contribute code, please contact the developers mailing list or the TMC (see details above).

6. Misc

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