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How To Get CITE Compliant OGC Web Services

1. General Information

TODO: add some info that holds true for configuration of all CITE compliant deegree web services

1.1. What is CITE ?

CITE = Compliance & Interoperability Testing & Evaluation Initiative of OGC. It is the initiative of OGC which tries to ensure that software components that claim to adhere to the standards actually do so. This is typically done by having a bunch of scripted tests that are run against a server software of a specific version.

1.2. Where is CITE ?

At http://cite.opengeospatial.org/ you can find all information about it, including online instances of the Test, Evaluation, And Measurement Engine (TEAM), and downloadable scripts for local testing as well as required test data.

1.3. Using the TEST engine

If you want to know how to test newly setup deegree services with the OGC TEAM engine and the deegree test generator tools then you should read the description about ServiceTesting.

2. deegree WCS v2.3

For WCS one only needs a WCS with any two coverages, so the 2.3 demo WCS will do out of the box. One has to take care to fill in the correct information when running the tests though, as described in the next section.

2.1. WCS 1.0.0 test values

Capabilities URL: http://localhost:8080/deegree-wcs/services?service=WCS&version=1.0.0&request=GetCapabilities

3. deegree WMS v2.3

3.1. WMS 1.1.0

3.2. WMS 1.3.0

4. deegree WFS v2.3

4.1. WFS 1.0.0

The demo WFS downloadable at http://deegree.org is not configured to support WFS 1.0.0 by default. Therefore, first of all you need to follow the description on WebFeatureService100Compatibility.

4.2. WFS 1.1.0

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