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Gazetteer Client Module in iGeoPortal std

The gazetteer client module is part of iGeoPortal (standard edition) since deegree v2.2

1. Documentation

The main documentation for the gazetteer module is part of the iGeoPortal documentation, which you find in the documentation folder of our SVN. All infos given here can only be an addition to that document.

2. Configuration

to be done

3. Debugging

The file gaz_if.jsp is included as hidden iframe inside each of the preconfigured gazetteer examples (gaz_a.jsp, gaz_b.jsp, ...). The communication between client and server side happens through this iframe.

For debugging the gazetteer module, please put some

System.out.println("SOME USEFUL MESSAGE");

into the java parts of gaz_if.jsp, gaz_a_county.jsp, gaz_a_municipality.jsp. It will provide you with an idea on where the communication between client side and server side fails.

Check the tomcat log for those messages and thus find the root of the problem.

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2018-04-20 12:04