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Judit Mays

Email: <jm.deegree AT SPAMFREE web DOT de>

Involvement with deegree:

  • development of iGeoPortal modules, customizing and configuration, documentation
  • participating in deegree release work
  • attending to documentation and help pages
  • attending to the wiki's needs, contents and structure
  • thorough testing for various deegree applications and deegree based projects
  • organisation of all deegree day conferences so far (2006-2010)

Involvement with OSGeo:

  • participating in the LiveDVD project (adding deegree 2 WMS, WFS, WCS, portal)
  • providing deegree flyer in OSGeo look and feel
  • member of the incubation committee (since October 29th, 2009)

  • me at OSGeo wiki

  • participating in FOSS4G2008 (Cape Town, South Africa) with two presentations and a tutorial