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non-free libraries and deegree 2

Here you can find information about the non-free dependencies of deegree 2 and how to resolve them. Please also check the infos on ExternalLibraries. Thanks.

1. Building deegree without non-free libraries

If you check out the deegree 2 base tree from the svn, you can run ant build-lib just as you would with all the libraries. The build script should take care and exclude all classes that depend on the missing libs. You can also eg. put the Oracle libraries in your lib directory and compile a deegree2.jar without ArcSDE support but with Oracle.

Important to notice is that the security subsystem of deegree 2 will only compile with Oracle. This is being worked on finally, but for now, you'll have to go with Oracle libs even if you want to use security with PostgreSQL.

2. non-free libraries list

Here's a rudimentary list of the non-free libraries deegree 2 depends on, and what they're for. If you know for sure, feel free to edit...


For Oracle Raster support: georaster_tools.jar (or sdogr.jar depending on the version of your Oracle installation), more?

For Oracle + WFS/CSW: ojdbc14_10g.jar (JDBC) sdoapi.jar, sdonm.jar, sdotopo.jar, sdoutl.jar (SDO)

Unknown: xdb.jar oracle_sdo.jar



3. How to get them

3.1. Oracle

If you have an Oracle installation, find them there, for example f:\...\10.2.0\db_1\jdbc\lib.

If you don't, try searching the Oracle download pages for 'JDBC'.

3.2. ArcSDE

Use Google?


2018-04-20 12:04