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This page gives some information about the OGC specification named OWSCommon and its implementation in deegree.

1. About

The OWSCommon specification exists in various versions, both in the various OGC Web service specifications and within deegree. The specification usually defines part of the capability documents of web services.

2. Overview

In deegree, there are two owscommon packages, one named owscommon and one named owscommon_new. The owscommon_new package gives an implementation of the OWSCommon specification version 1.0.0. Its data classes are extended to hold more information at some places, but that should not trouble anyone. The old package should be compliant to the 0.3 version for the most part.

Please note that the owscommon.com110 package is obsolete and should not be used anymore. It will be removed as soon as the last reference vanishes.

3. Which service, which version?

New services should use the owscommon_new package.

Current services that use the new package include:

4. General developer's notes

For parsing and generating convenience, both Document and XMLFactory classes are implemented.

Part of the ISO19115 standard is contained within the OWSCommon standard. To keep a little order, this is implemented in org.deegree.model.metadata.iso19115, where one can find the XMLFactory and Document class for this.


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