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OpenJUMP is a free and open source desktop GIS application. For more information, see the OpenJUMP website and their SourceForge page.

1. Introduction

OpenJUMP development is completely independent from deegree development. But there are good reasons for wiki pages on OpenJUMP in the deegree wiki: OpenJUMP can be extended with various plugins. Some of these plugins have been developed by the deegree community and will be described on this and the following pages.

These plugins provide the functionality that has formerly been integrated in deeJUMP. There are two plugins which are particularly relevant to get the deeJUMP functionality into OpenJUMP, the WFS-Plugin and the deeJUMP-Plugin. These will be described in the following sections.

No downloads are available from this page any more, they can be found here.

2. OWSConfig-Plugin for OpenJUMP

The OWSConfig-Plugin is also known as the deegree ConfigTool. It enables you to remotely configure OGC Web Services, provided you also have the configuration service up and running.

A more detailed description can be found on the OWSConfig-Plugin page of this wiki.

3. Miscellaneous

3.1. Note on additional libraries

You need to get some additional libraries. In order to install these, it is usually sufficient to put them in the lib/ext directory along with the plugin .jars. Linux users can also put them in the lib directory. Windows users that use the new startup script can put them there as well. Just take care that the .jars containing the actual plugins are put in the extension library. Or, just use one of the packages and you don't have to install anything by hand.

3.2. SLD-Support in OpenJUMP

This section describes which features of the OpenJUMP styling can be exported and imported to/from SLD.

3.3. Other Plugins

Plugins listed here are not connected to deegree, but they might be of interest to OpenJUMP users anyway.

3.3.1. Chart Plugin

From the homepage:

Create pie, column or stacked column charts for presenting your numeric attribute data of an OpenJUMP layer.
Just download the .jar, copy it into lib/ext and play around with charts of all kind.

3.3.2. Jump DB Query Plugin

The project pages can be accessed over sourceforge.


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