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deegree product information

1. Products

deegree products are easily-installable packages / configurations of deegree components (e.g. web services).

For downloads please visit the DownloadPage.

Here is a list of all current available deegree products:

  • The deegree webservices includes all web services and offers example configurations ("workspaces"):

    • deegree utah-workspace:

      • General-purpose web-mapping demonstration (deegree WMS and deegree WFS) based on Utah data.
    • deegree inspire-workspace:

      • INSPIRE View and Download Services. Contains deegree WMS and deegree WFS configured to serve all Annex I Data Themes.
    • deegree wps-workspace:

      • Includes deegree processingService with Java and Sextante demo processes.
    • deegree csw-workspace:

      • An ISO/INSPIRE-compliant catalogue service.
    • deegree desktop:

    • deegree desktop GIS, modular by design for flexible and use-case dependant configuration, standards-based SDI integration and integration with other third party desktop components.
  • deegree webclients

    • Web clients for deegree services including the deegree catalogueManager a web based tool for creating, editing and using standardised spatial metadata sets. Contained in the cswDemo.

  • deegree 3D:

    • City and terrain models in 3D
  • deegree xplanNode:

    • SDI for spatial planning

2. Web services

deegree web services are generic implementations of OGC web service specifications.

deegree 3

Besides these OGC service implementations, the former version (deegree 2) offers additional services (which are not implemented / not stable in deegree 3 yet).

deegree 2

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deegree xplanNode


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deegree 3D


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