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deegree TMC Meeting (2012-01-03)

Attendees: ReijerCopier, AndreasSchmitz, MarkusSchneider, JohannesWilden

1. Agenda

  • Welcome and agenda review
  • Review of open TMC tasks

  • Policy for deegree mailing list responses (how to deal with questions no one feels responsible for)
  • deegree 3 OpenJDK compatibility

2. Decisions and Actions

2.1. Registered committers and guidelines acceptance

Related issue: Tracker item #1255

  • Although most committers accepted the guidelines at some point, the list is out-of-date and needs updating. Additionally, some committers never confirmed the acceptance of the guidelines.

Action items:

  • JohannesWilden: Send email to deegree-devel to renew confirmation. People who don't respond should be contacted by private email. Acceptance emails should be sent as a response to the list (so they can be linked from the wiki page). Update the list in the wiki.

2.2. Process for dealing with feature requests in the deegree issue tracker

Related issue: Tracker item #1275

  • A process is needed for dealing with feature requests for deegree.
  • This involves technical and strategic aspects, but also questions such as sponsoring (i.e. if the requester willing to pay for the development).

Action items:

  • Discuss this issue at the deegree summit.

2.3. Validate successful deployment of services on demo server

Related issue: Tracker item #6253

Action items:

2.4. Documentation on deegree 2 release process

Related issue: Tracker item #6263

  • Johannes got the document and checked that relevant information is already present in the wiki.
  • Maven-related information is still missing.

Action items:

  • JohannesWilden: Add maven-related information as soon as it is available.

  • JohannesWilden: Please add a link to this page, so it can be found.

2.5. Change URL pattern of servlet mapping from 'services' to 'deegree'

Related issue: Tracker item #6264

Action items:

2.6. Policy for deegree mailing list responses (how to deal with questions no one feels responsible for)

  • Sometimes people don't get a response to their questions on the mailing list at all, because no one feels responsible for the respective components. Example 1 (deegree 2 WPVS), example 2 (iGeoportal).

  • Clarification of components (what are components actively supported by the deegree team) and component maintainers is required.

Action items:

  • Create PSC ticket so the issue can be discussed at the deegree summit. Here.

2.7. deegree 3 environment compatibility

  • OpenJDK compatibility becomes increasingly relevant.
  • After the changes in the distribution license in Oracle Java, a push towards OpenJDK appears to be happening in the OpenSource/OSGeo world. An important aspect of this is the OSGeo Live DVD switching to OpenJDK.
  • deegree 3 seems to work on OpenJDK 7 and Oracle JDK 7, but this has not been tested extensively yet.

  • TMC suggests to officially support Oracle JDK 6, Oracle JDK 7 and OpenJDK 7 for deegree 3.2 release.
  • Supported EE/servlet containers should also be clarified. TMC suggests to at least consider Apache Tomcat 6/7 and Oracle Weblogic 10.3.5.

Action items:

  • MarkusSchneider: Create PSC ticket for clarification of supported JDK versions and containers. Here.

  • AndreasSchmitz: Set up OpenJDK 7/Oracle JDK 7 test environment.

3. IRC log