deegree PSC meeting, 2011-12-12, IRC #deegree

(21:04:38) JensFitzke: Hi all, welcome to our PSC meeting!
(21:04:55) HermanAssink: Hi Jens, hi Klaus
(21:04:57) KlausGreve: Hello
(21:05:31) JensFitzke: Our agenda for today is here:
(21:06:08) JensFitzke: Do you have comments or new topics?
(21:06:19) HermanAssink: No
(21:06:21) KlausGreve: no
(21:06:33) JensFitzke: OK, then we could start with...
(21:06:51) JensFitzke: ### Minutes of last meeting - pending actions ###
(21:07:38) JensFitzke: Release management guidelines is WIP at TMC. Nothing to do for today.
(21:07:52) JensFitzke: Herman, can you give an update on: Review Process Documentation Wiki Pages
(21:08:21) HermanAssink: I just found some time to review these pages and have some questions:
(21:08:37) HermanAssink: How about developers meetings, Will they still occur, do we still need them?
(21:09:11) JensFitzke: I don't know. It is a TMC issue, I'd say.
(21:10:09) KlausGreve: yes, should be discussed in the TMC
(21:10:36) HermanAssink: I think, we should not have dev. meetings as an organizational structure in addition to TMC meetings
(21:11:31) JensFitzke: I'd agree here. (Are they mentioned as an organisational structure?)
(21:12:20) HermanAssink: Developers can meet of course, but their meetings don't have a formal meeting as the TMC meetings.
(21:12:39) HermanAssink: formal meeting -> formal meaning
(21:13:10) JensFitzke: So, they have to be omitted from
(21:13:18) JensFitzke: correct?
(21:13:23) HermanAssink: I think so
(21:13:25) JensFitzke: Or are there other references?
(21:13:45) HermanAssink: I will have a look
(21:14:06) HermanAssink: 2nd Q: Who can help to update the list of registred committers (
(21:14:14) JensFitzke: My guess is that this is a historical structural feature of the project...
(21:14:48) KlausGreve: are there any criteria to get registered?
(21:15:23) JensFitzke: This page is also a historical one... hmm
(21:15:33) HermanAssink: No, there are no criteria to get registered for dev. meetings.
(21:15:36) JensFitzke: Background is the OSGeo incubation process.
(21:15:54) JensFitzke: You are mixing topics...
(21:16:23) JensFitzke: We are done with developer meetings, right?
(21:16:34) HermanAssink: Sorry, dev. meetings are clear to me
(21:17:20) HermanAssink: So Q1 is answered for me, done.
(21:17:34) JensFitzke: So, it's about the List of committers now.
(21:17:40) HermanAssink: Yes
(21:17:49) JensFitzke: Again: Background is the OSGeo incubation process.
(21:18:26) HermanAssink: Who has access to the list of people who really have commit access?
(21:18:28) JensFitzke: This page helps to keep track on the subject that every comitter has to "sign" the guidelines.
(21:18:59) JensFitzke: The "real" committer list is near to the SVN. Just a second, please...
(21:19:45) JensFitzke: I think this one here is public:
(21:20:36) JensFitzke: Then, there is an admin page as well...
(21:20:50) JensFitzke: In fact, the list has to be cleaned up...
(21:21:42) JensFitzke: I'd put this as an action item into our tracker
(21:22:09) HermanAssink: OK, who will/must work on that item?
(21:22:42) JensFitzke: I think, I could do this (next year). This is not that urgent.
(21:22:59) HermanAssink: OK
(21:23:27) JensFitzke: (Can also be a topic for the deegree summit)
(21:23:31) JensFitzke: Other questions?
(21:23:40) HermanAssink: 3rd Q: Must the been updated? by a TMC member?
(21:25:21) KlausGreve: I think so
(21:25:24) JensFitzke: Ask TMC for review?
(21:25:36) HermanAssink: Yes
(21:25:44) JensFitzke: I had a quick look and found it OK (for the non-technical stuff)
(21:25:54) KlausGreve: please - I think Committer Guidelines are TMC stuff
(21:26:18) JensFitzke: OK: Action to TMC to review this and give feedback on necessary changes.
(21:27:05) HermanAssink: No more questions. I will apply changes to the Structures and Procedures page this week.
(21:27:30) JensFitzke: Very good. Thanks a lot.
(21:27:47) JensFitzke: Next sub-item is: Roadmap
(21:28:04) JensFitzke: It's updated by the TMC:
(21:28:44) JensFitzke: I think, we should not go into any detail here. Just discuss the process. How to go on.
(21:30:18) HermanAssink: I agree, let's discuss the road map at the deegree summit
(21:30:57) JensFitzke: Looking at the project management aspects of time, budget and scope, I'd say, the easiest is to set the time frame.
(21:31:12) JensFitzke: (we kind of already did so with deegree day...)
(21:31:32) KlausGreve: I think we need a mechanism to find out, what are necessary feature and what is nice to have
(21:31:47) KlausGreve: where do we discuss this?
(21:32:22) JensFitzke: (which is the scope aspect)
(21:32:53) JensFitzke: Right, we need to have priorities, in order to know which parts of the roadmap could make it into the release and which not.
(21:34:13) JensFitzke: We shall IMHO ask the TMC for their MoSCoW classification.
(21:34:31) KlausGreve: good
(21:34:42) JensFitzke: ... where the overall objective is "Assure INSPIRE compliance for all services "
(21:35:18) KlausGreve: right
(21:35:30) HermanAssink: In addition, the funding must be clear...
(21:36:22) JensFitzke: Correct. But first we need to know, from where we start. We need to know, which is a must-have and what has to be done for these
(21:36:25) HermanAssink: Funding can come from lat/lon, Occam Labs, IDgis, Uni Bonn, projects, other organizations, etc
(21:36:36) JensFitzke: Yes.
(21:37:45) JensFitzke: After the must-haves, we'd also like to get to know the status and effort of the should-haves.
(21:37:48) HermanAssink: INSPIRE compliance is a clear, major goal
(21:39:31) JensFitzke: Let me try to summarize...
(21:39:38) HermanAssink: OK
(21:40:06) JensFitzke: 1. We want to know the must-haves (already in the roadmap) for assuring INSPIRE compliance
(21:40:24) JensFitzke: 2. We want to know which features in the roadmap are already present
(21:40:41) JensFitzke: 3. We want to know the should-haves (from TMC perspective) and why
(21:41:12) JensFitzke: 4. We want to have effort estimates for the must-haves and should-haves
(21:41:27) JensFitzke: Anything else (for the next step)?
(21:41:39) KlausGreve: no
(21:41:44) HermanAssink: no
(21:42:13) JensFitzke: Sounds good. I'd make this a TMC action item then.
(21:43:04) JensFitzke: Next sub-item "Roadmap management" is still TBD. I'd say this is rather a documentation than a normative activity.
(21:43:36) JensFitzke: Next sub-item: OSGeo annual report 2010 (just a pity)
(21:44:08) JensFitzke: Any other comments on those?
(21:44:19) HermanAssink: Should deegree still have a 2010 report?
(21:45:01) KlausGreve: I think it should be a 2010/11 report
(21:45:19) JensFitzke: 2010/11 report: Very good idea!
(21:45:43) HermanAssink: Agreed
(21:46:43) JensFitzke: I think we shall change the order of topics in the aganda. Do Public relation activities / Outreach plan first.
(21:46:56) HermanAssink: Yes
(21:47:27) KlausGreve: yes
(21:47:53) JensFitzke: So next one is
(21:47:57) JensFitzke: ### Public relation activities / Outreach plan ###
(21:48:13) JensFitzke: and herein: deegree day 2012
(21:48:45) JensFitzke: Are we able to fix the date?
(21:49:05) KlausGreve: we must - before or after the summer break
(21:49:47) HermanAssink: I like to have it before summer break, because of INSPIRE dead-lines in June and later.
(21:50:23) JensFitzke: We already talked about May...
(21:51:01) JensFitzke: If a Tuesday is fine...
(21:51:17) JensFitzke: ... we'd have 8/15/21
(21:51:28) JensFitzke: no: 8, 15, 22
(21:51:28) KlausGreve: Thursday would be better for me
(21:51:53) JensFitzke: Thursdays the only options are 10 and 24
(21:53:47) JensFitzke: Herman, any preference for the day of the week?
(21:54:17) HermanAssink: No
(21:55:05) JensFitzke: So, if I am not missing anything (looking through several GIS event calendars), both, the 10th and 24th are fine.
(21:55:07) HermanAssink: 22 and 24 are perhaps between Ascension Day and "Pinksteren", a holiday week?
(21:55:34) JensFitzke: I don't think so (for the holiday week).
(21:55:52) JensFitzke: If there is holiday, then it is "Pinksteren", Pfingsten.
(21:56:04) HermanAssink: OK, 24th then?
(21:56:11) KlausGreve: o.k.
(21:56:13) JensFitzke: But I'll take a look at the public holiday calender as well... just a second
(21:57:39) JensFitzke: It is only Sachsen-Anhalt with Pfingsten holiday in this week.
(21:57:51) JensFitzke: All other Bundeslaender are fine.
(21:57:59) JensFitzke: So, that should be OK.
(21:58:10) HermanAssink: No holidays in The Netherlands in that week
(21:59:03) JensFitzke: So let's go for the 24th and see if we can find a location for this day
(21:59:11) HermanAssink: OK
(22:00:15) JensFitzke: Still Bonn?
(22:00:31) HermanAssink: Fine with me
(22:01:41) JensFitzke: Klaus and me could ask at UNICLUB (where we've been 2010 and earlier already). Would that be OK?
(22:02:20) HermanAssink: Nice facility!
(22:03:28) JensFitzke: As soon as we have a pre-confirmation we could post the pre-announcement, then (in early 2012) make the call for participation.
(22:03:49) KlausGreve: i will ask tomorrow
(22:04:00) JensFitzke: Great.
(22:05:18) JensFitzke: Anything else (for today) on deegree day?
(22:05:48) HermanAssink: Who will coordinate the organization of deegree day (at lat/lon)?
(22:06:02) JensFitzke: Why at lat/lon?
(22:06:11) JensFitzke: (just kiddin)
(22:06:22) HermanAssink: I think we should ask Occam Labs as well to help organizing deegreeday
(22:06:43) JensFitzke: Right. We should.
(22:06:57) KlausGreve: Any ideas for a keynote speaker?
(22:08:02) HermanAssink: Project manager of IPO INSPIRE, Marjan Bevelander? (a non-tecnical person)
(22:08:26) HermanAssink: Or someone from EU INSPIRE project?
(22:09:23) KlausGreve: INSPIRE sounds very good
(22:09:58) JensFitzke: My requirements set: Somebody deeply involved with INSPIRE. Shall be a supporter of Free Software. Shall be an entertainer.
(22:10:15) JensFitzke: Who's that?
(22:10:20) KlausGreve: Streuff Fed. Ministry of the Environment - he wrote the german INSPIRE law
(22:11:44) JensFitzke: Any other requirements?
(22:11:56) HermanAssink: no
(22:12:42) JensFitzke: So we could spread the word within our nearer community and see which proposals we get. Just by private communication. Then come back to the PSC with proposals.
(22:13:18) HermanAssink: ok
(22:13:49) JensFitzke: (sorry, I'm terribly tired) Can we try to fix a date for the next meeting? And see which topics MUST still be covered today?
(22:14:28) JensFitzke: If you agree, I would work on "[#6269] No mentioning of deegree 3.1 on "
(22:14:47) JensFitzke: Then we shall make a proposal for the deegree summit date.
(22:14:56) KlausGreve: agreed
(22:15:02) JensFitzke: (or set up a doodle?)
(22:15:08) HermanAssink: I suggest that we now make an appointment for a deegree summit, most topics can be discussed at the summit
(22:15:16) HermanAssink: or setup a doodle
(22:15:33) JensFitzke: OK. We can have a PSC meeting aside of the summit
(22:15:39) HermanAssink: yes
(22:15:44) KlausGreve: good idea
(22:15:51) JensFitzke: But this must be mid January. Agreed?
(22:15:56) HermanAssink: yes
(22:15:57) KlausGreve: yes
(22:16:01) JensFitzke: Cool.
(22:16:26) JensFitzke: We're done? (can't believe it)
(22:16:45) KlausGreve: thanx
(22:17:05) HermanAssink: It's true we're done for tonight!
(22:18:00) JensFitzke: Very good. (of course it is not the best story that we have always some things to postpone, but we're making progress nevertheless)
(22:18:17) JensFitzke: So: Thanks a lot to you and good bye.
(22:18:32) HermanAssink: I am satisfied with the result.
(22:18:36) HermanAssink: Good bye!
(22:18:38) KlausGreve: me too
(22:18:44) KlausGreve: good bye