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(02:39:29 PM) jwilden [~jwilden@static-87-79-89-38.netcologne.de] entered the room.
(02:39:45 PM) jwilden: Hello, please excuse me beeing late!
(02:40:35 PM) markusschneider [~markus@p578bff50.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] entered the room.
(02:40:47 PM) jwilden: Hi Markus
(02:40:56 PM) ndrs: Hi all
(02:41:02 PM) copierrj: hi
(02:41:31 PM) ndrs: I'll do the logs as always
(02:42:24 PM) markusschneider: Hi
(02:42:39 PM) markusschneider: Meeting page here: http://wiki.deegree.org/deegreeWiki/TmcMeeting/TmcMeeting20120117
(02:42:44 PM) markusschneider: Not very interesting, though
(02:42:47 PM) markusschneider: ...
(02:43:00 PM) jwilden: Not really
(02:43:04 PM) jwilden: ;)
(02:43:06 PM) markusschneider: Shall we start?
(02:43:12 PM) jwilden: Yes please
(02:43:14 PM) copierrj: ok
(02:43:48 PM) markusschneider: Any items for the agenda (besides looking through the open issues)?
(02:44:02 PM) ndrs: nope
(02:44:13 PM) jwilden: Yes
(02:44:19 PM) jwilden: The deegree summit
(02:44:32 PM) markusschneider: Is there a definitive date yet?
(02:44:35 PM) jwilden: Any preparations that have to be done?
(02:44:41 PM) ndrs: yes, 24th of January
(02:44:41 PM) copierrj: 14 jan.
(02:44:42 PM) jwilden: Yes, 24th of January
(02:44:45 PM) copierrj: 24
(02:44:48 PM) ndrs: next week
(02:45:23 PM) ndrs: maybe we should make a list of agenda items from our side
(02:45:29 PM) markusschneider: +1
(02:45:32 PM) copierrj: +!
(02:45:34 PM) jwilden: +1
(02:45:35 PM) copierrj: +1
(02:46:24 PM) markusschneider: - Process for dealing with feature requests in the deegree issue tracker
(02:46:39 PM) ndrs: yes, access rights for closing issues etc.
(02:46:47 PM) ndrs: - Roadmap for 3.2
(02:46:57 PM) markusschneider: - Clarification of components (what are components actively supported by the deegree team) and component maintainers is required.
(02:47:03 PM) ndrs: - Process for dealing with feature requests in the deegree issue tracker
(02:47:11 PM) jwilden: :)
(02:47:18 PM) markusschneider: - Clarification of supported JDK versions and containers.
(02:47:37 PM) ndrs: - Policy for deegree mailing list responses (how to deal with questions no one feels responsible for) (goes with your point of component maintainers)
(02:48:15 PM) markusschneider: Yep. Related to "Clarification of components (what are components actively supported by the deegree team) and component maintainers is required."
(02:48:28 PM) ndrs: anything else?
(02:48:29 PM) copierrj: Long term roadmap
(02:48:31 PM) jwilden: All agreed until now, anything else?
(02:48:42 PM) jwilden: Including long term roadmap
(02:49:04 PM) ndrs: - release cycle schedule
(02:49:18 PM) markusschneider: INFRASTRUCTURE!!!!
(02:49:34 PM) jwilden: @markus: what do you mean?
(02:49:42 PM) copierrj: svn? mailing list?
(02:50:03 PM) markusschneider: Especially Website + Wiki + Documentation
(02:50:25 PM) markusschneider: http://wald.intevation.org/tracker/index.php?func=detail&aid=6268&group_id=27&atid=281
(02:50:29 PM) jwilden: agreed
(02:51:34 PM) ndrs: ok, anything else
(02:51:37 PM) ndrs: ?
(02:52:10 PM) jwilden: Nope
(02:52:21 PM) copierrj: no
(02:52:23 PM) markusschneider: no
(02:53:01 PM) ndrs: shall we review action items from last week?
(02:53:11 PM) markusschneider: yep
(02:53:15 PM) copierrj: +1
(02:53:19 PM) jwilden: +1
(02:53:22 PM) ndrs: 2.1: done
(02:53:53 PM) ndrs: 2.2: to be discussed at summit
(02:54:01 PM) ndrs: 2.3: still TODO...
(02:54:09 PM) ndrs: 2.4?
(02:54:31 PM) markusschneider: Yes, where is the mentioned wiki information anyway?
(02:54:38 PM) markusschneider: In the lat/lon wiki?
(02:54:45 PM) jwilden: Yes
(02:54:56 PM) markusschneider: IMHO, it would have to be moved
(02:55:04 PM) ndrs: yes indeed
(02:55:19 PM) ndrs: maybe abstract out passwords/server names etc.
(02:55:26 PM) jwilden: Not really possible because it contains information about our internal servers
(02:55:51 PM) jwilden: So I have to completely reork it?
(02:55:55 PM) jwilden: *rework
(02:55:57 PM) ndrs: hm, not really
(02:56:26 PM) ndrs: maybe a hint of 'you want to know how to release, ask jwilden/the mailing list'
(02:56:48 PM) ndrs: nobody will probably want to do it, but it's documented where to get the info
(02:57:01 PM) jwilden: That's ok with me
(02:57:09 PM) markusschneider: +1 (for now)
(02:57:21 PM) ndrs: 2.5?
(02:57:31 PM) ndrs: done?
(02:57:38 PM) markusschneider: Yep
(02:57:40 PM) jwilden: I think so
(02:57:45 PM) ndrs: 2.6: to be discussed at summit
(02:57:50 PM) jwilden: yep
(02:57:56 PM) jwilden: 2.7 too
(02:58:03 PM) ndrs: 2.7: still TODO (my part)
(02:58:27 PM) markusschneider: PSC ticket: done
(02:58:32 PM) jwilden: ok
(02:58:52 PM) jwilden: Do we agree to make a deadline for the todos?
(02:58:59 PM) ndrs: hah
(02:59:18 PM) jwilden: I take that as a no :>
(02:59:24 PM) markusschneider: what do you reckon?
(02:59:52 PM) ndrs: for the OpenJDK 7 testing stuff: 15.2.
(02:59:57 PM) jwilden: 1 or two weeks ahead? I think before the summit is too close
(03:00:13 PM) markusschneider: What do you mean by too close?
(03:00:19 PM) markusschneider: Its next week, right?
(03:00:36 PM) jwilden: Not enough time to complete all the tasks until the summit
(03:00:40 PM) jwilden: Yes
(03:00:47 PM) ndrs: right
(03:00:49 PM) jwilden: *until = before
(03:00:53 PM) markusschneider: right
(03:00:58 PM) ndrs: I'm not going to manage it until then
(03:01:26 PM) ndrs: jwilden: deployment TODOs 15.2. as well?
(03:01:30 PM) markusschneider: I would suggest to simply assemble the list as a preparation.
(03:01:50 PM) jwilden: @ndrs: Yes
(03:02:23 PM) ndrs: markusschneider: ok, then you can set the dates in the meeting minutes
(03:02:37 PM) ndrs: and we'll be punished if we fail to comply ;-)
(03:02:50 PM) markusschneider: right. i repeat the open action items and add dates
(03:03:04 PM) markusschneider: anything else
(03:03:12 PM) ndrs: I think that was it for today
(03:03:15 PM) markusschneider: Or are we done already?
(03:03:23 PM) jwilden: I think so
(03:03:30 PM) ndrs: it pays off to meet often
(03:03:36 PM) jwilden: True!
(03:03:45 PM) copierrj: +1
(03:03:59 PM) ndrs: alright, see you next week?
(03:04:05 PM) markusschneider: Ok. See you at the summit then!
(03:04:06 PM) jwilden: Yes
(03:04:11 PM) copierrj: cu
(03:04:14 PM) jwilden: Bye!
(03:04:28 PM) markusschneider: bye
(03:04:32 PM) markusschneider left the room.