Unterhaltung mit #deegree

(14:25:47) Das Thema für #deegree ist: Welcome to deegree, an OSGeo project. Visit the main project page at http://deegree.org and our wiki at http://wiki.deegree.org with lots of extra info. Check out a running system at http://demo.deegree.org and follow us on twitter @deegree_org.
(14:29:56) ndrs: hi all, I'll probably not be able to actively participate in this meeting. More of an observer...
(14:30:55) markusschneider: ok. still good that you're here!
(14:31:31) ndrs: by the way, I think we need a new 3.3 release, there was a pull request at the last meeting I think
(14:35:23) tfr42 [5b40bc52@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] hat den Raum betreten.
(14:35:31) tfr42: Hello
(14:35:40) copierrj: hi
(14:35:46) markusschneider: Hi
(14:35:58) markusschneider: I believe we're complete
(14:36:02) tfr42: OK
(14:36:08) markusschneider: http://wiki.deegree.org/deegreeWiki/TmcMeeting/TmcMeeting20130702
(14:36:11) markusschneider: opps
(14:36:12) markusschneider: oops
(14:36:15) markusschneider: wrong link
(14:36:22) markusschneider: http://wiki.deegree.org/deegreeWiki/TmcMeeting/TmcMeeting20130724
(14:36:38) markusschneider: anything you would like to add to the agenda?
(14:36:55) copierrj: question from Sebastian on the mailing list
(14:37:08) tfr42: which one?
(14:37:23) tfr42: Can you please point me to the date you refere to?
(14:37:51) copierrj: about pullrequests 18-7-2013 17:12
(14:39:13) tfr42: OK
(14:39:15) tfr42: Found it
(14:39:29) markusschneider: Ok. Added to the agenda
(14:39:31) tfr42: I have added some tasks in WALD
(14:39:48) tfr42: #6433
(14:39:59) tfr42: #6438
(14:40:35) markusschneider: Can you provide the links
(14:40:50) markusschneider: ?
(14:41:06) copierrj: http://wald.intevation.org/tracker/index.php?func=detail&aid=6438&group_id=27&atid=303
(14:41:10) markusschneider: http://wald.intevation.org/tracker/index.php?func=detail&aid=6433&group_id=27&atid=303
(14:41:13) copierrj: http://wald.intevation.org/tracker/index.php?func=detail&aid=6433&group_id=27&atid=303
(14:42:03) markusschneider: Added
(14:42:07) markusschneider: anything else
(14:42:08) markusschneider: ?
(14:42:40) tfr42: no
(14:42:41) markusschneider: Ok
(14:42:41) copierrj: not for me
(14:43:04) markusschneider: Let's start with the release plan for 3.4 as this may have an impact on the pending pull requests
(14:43:19) markusschneider: I believe we're already behind schedule
(14:43:27) tfr42: yes we are
(14:43:41) markusschneider: Can we see this in the tracker?
(14:43:55) markusschneider: http://tracker.deegree.org/deegree-services/milestone/3.4
(14:44:26) tfr42: the date was not set
(14:44:32) markusschneider: No date was set, but our target was a 2 month cycle, right?
(14:44:39) tfr42: correct
(14:44:59) markusschneider: Question is: Is the next release already the rc?
(14:45:05) markusschneider: No more feature additions.
(14:45:25) markusschneider: after that
(14:45:33) tfr42: well, we do have 20 open tickets in trac
(14:45:41) tfr42: are we ready for RC?
(14:46:09) markusschneider: I feel ok with postponing the RC...
(14:46:33) markusschneider: but the tracker again looks messy
(14:46:47) markusschneider: http://tracker.deegree.org/deegree-services/query?status=assigned&status=new&status=accepted&status=reopened&group=status&milestone=3.4
(14:47:53) tfr42: If you agree I will go through the list of open issues and move them to the next version or re-assign them to one of the TMC members for deciding if or if not to keep it in 3.4
(14:48:05) markusschneider: +1
(14:48:20) copierrj: +1
(14:48:23) tfr42: OK
(14:48:27) markusschneider: fine
(14:48:37) tfr42: accept email
(14:48:37) markusschneider: so we go for 3.4-pre4 today?
(14:48:42) tfr42: yes
(14:49:01) markusschneider: well
(14:49:15) markusschneider: Next: A bunch of pull requests...
(14:49:35) markusschneider: btw: who is responsible for entering the milestone
(14:49:49) markusschneider: I suggest that the pull request provider should set it
(14:49:57) tfr42: yes, please
(14:50:07) markusschneider: and the TMC checks if it is ok
(14:50:12) tfr42: +1
(14:50:44) markusschneider: reijer?
(14:50:49) copierrj: +1
(14:50:54) markusschneider: I will add this to the guidelines then:
(14:50:55) markusschneider: https://github.com/deegree/deegree3/wiki/Working-with-pull-requests
(14:51:07) markusschneider: First pull
(14:51:08) markusschneider: https://github.com/deegree/deegree3/pull/136
(14:52:17) tfr42: +1
(14:52:20) markusschneider: 0 (cannot tell, but looks reasonable)
(14:52:21) copierrj: 0
(14:52:36) markusschneider: Merged
(14:52:48) markusschneider: https://github.com/deegree/deegree3/pull/137
(14:53:14) tfr42: 0
(14:53:22) markusschneider: 0 (cannot tell, but looks reasonable)
(14:53:38) copierrj: 0
(14:53:41) markusschneider: btw, my mistake
(14:53:45) markusschneider: this goes into 3.3
(14:54:00) markusschneider: does that change anything for you?
(14:54:05) tfr42: no
(14:54:13) copierrj: no, I don't know this part of deegree
(14:54:15) markusschneider: 0 (cannot tell, but looks reasonable)
(14:54:22) tfr42: I stay abstain
(14:54:22) markusschneider: merged
(14:54:33) markusschneider: https://github.com/deegree/deegree3/pull/138
(14:54:55) copierrj: +1
(14:55:01) markusschneider: +1
(14:55:19) tfr42: 0
(14:55:28) markusschneider: merged
(14:55:44) markusschneider: https://github.com/deegree/deegree3/pull/139
(14:56:05) copierrj: +1
(14:56:14) markusschneider: Interesting bug :-)
(14:56:15) markusschneider: +1
(14:56:27) tfr42: for which target ms?
(14:56:27) copierrj: took a while to figure this one out
(14:56:44) markusschneider: I set it to 3.4
(14:56:54) tfr42: this should go into 3.3 as well if applicable
(14:56:59) tfr42: +1
(14:57:13) copierrj: someone should check if 3.3 needs this fix too
(14:57:19) copierrj: it is a really nasty bug
(14:57:32) markusschneider: how do we go about this?
(14:57:51) tfr42: new topic for next meeting agenda
(14:57:55) tfr42: let's move on
(14:58:00) copierrj: agreed
(14:58:09) markusschneider: ok
(14:58:18) markusschneider: https://github.com/deegree/deegree3/pull/140
(14:58:41) markusschneider: 0 (cannot tell, but looks reasonable)
(14:59:18) tfr42: 0 (a unit or intergration test would help to decide)
(14:59:51) copierrj: 0 (could use some explanation)
(15:00:02) markusschneider: merged
(15:00:19) markusschneider: https://github.com/deegree/deegree3/pull/141
(15:00:41) copierrj: +1
(15:00:45) tfr42: +1
(15:00:46) markusschneider: +1
(15:00:54) markusschneider: merged
(15:01:08) markusschneider: https://github.com/deegree/deegree3/pull/144
(15:01:30) markusschneider: 0
(15:01:47) tfr42: +1
(15:02:32) markusschneider: btw, the description is misleading, isn't it?
(15:02:40) markusschneider: this is against master???
(15:02:51) markusschneider: put from a 3.3.1 branch
(15:02:55) markusschneider: but
(15:03:17) markusschneider: shall we postpone this and check which version lyn meant?
(15:03:29) copierrj: seems a reasonable change to me
(15:03:31) copierrj: also for master
(15:03:47) markusschneider: right, but that's not my point
(15:03:52) copierrj: but should perhaps (also) go into 3.3.1
(15:03:58) markusschneider: i believe she made a mistake
(15:04:20) markusschneider: but we cannot tell for sure
(15:04:28) markusschneider: postpone?
(15:04:42) tfr42: well, this fix was done for 3.3.1
(15:04:44) copierrj: or merge and ask to to another pullrequest for 3.3.1
(15:04:55) copierrj: ask to do
(15:04:56) tfr42: And it is provided for the master
(15:05:22) tfr42: and 3.3.1
(15:05:36) copierrj: i don't see any reason not to merge this into master
(15:05:59) markusschneider: tfr: how is this provided for 3.3.1?
(15:06:36) tfr42: I suppose this was intended
(15:06:41) tfr42: let us ask lyn
(15:06:44) tfr42: and postpone
(15:06:52) markusschneider: +1
(15:07:22) copierrj: are we voting on postponing or on merging?
(15:07:26) markusschneider: postponing
(15:07:48) markusschneider: merging: -1
(15:07:57) copierrj: why not merging?
(15:08:07) markusschneider: for the reasons that we just discussed
(15:08:44) markusschneider: this is (probably) not what she wanted, so i am giving it back
(15:08:46) copierrj: 0
(15:09:00) markusschneider: https://github.com/deegree/deegree3/pull/146
(15:09:04) copierrj: i wouldn't mind merging but postponing is fine with me
(15:09:18) copierrj: +1
(15:09:29) markusschneider: 0 (cannot tell, but looks reasonable)
(15:09:50) tfr42: 0
(15:10:14) markusschneider: oops
(15:10:26) markusschneider: it cannot be merged automatically...
(15:10:32) tfr42: why?
(15:10:46) markusschneider: first time i am seeing this
(15:10:51) copierrj: weird
(15:11:23) copierrj: this stuff is all complementary to existing code
(15:11:30) markusschneider: strange
(15:11:41) markusschneider: reijer, can you help me with merging this manually?
(15:11:53) markusschneider: later
(15:12:02) copierrj: ok
(15:12:11) markusschneider: https://github.com/deegree/deegree3/pull/147
(15:12:12) markusschneider: +1
(15:12:39) copierrj: +1
(15:12:54) tfr42: +1
(15:13:02) markusschneider: merged
(15:13:31) markusschneider: https://github.com/deegree/deegree3/pull/148
(15:13:41) markusschneider: +1
(15:14:02) copierrj: +1
(15:14:10) tfr42: +1
(15:14:16) markusschneider: merged
(15:14:22) markusschneider: https://github.com/deegree/deegree3/pull/149
(15:14:28) markusschneider: +1
(15:15:16) copierrj: +1
(15:15:17) markusschneider: however, I am again not sure that Lyn meant 3.4...
(15:15:38) tfr42: +1 (into master)
(15:15:53) markusschneider: merged
(15:15:55) tfr42: yes, same as #144
(15:16:11) markusschneider: https://github.com/deegree/deegree3/pull/150
(15:16:30) markusschneider: +1
(15:16:45) copierrj: +1
(15:16:57) copierrj: and also probably for 3.3.1
(15:17:21) markusschneider: well, she will get feedback for #144, so i am fine with merging
(15:17:41) copierrj: agreed
(15:18:02) tfr42: +1
(15:18:10) markusschneider: merged
(15:18:34) markusschneider: https://github.com/deegree/deegree3/pull/151
(15:19:06) markusschneider: -1 (subject of fix is unclear)
(15:20:03) copierrj: +1 (it is this fix: https://github.com/deegree/deegree3/pull/112)
(15:20:57) markusschneider: reijer: please consider the auto-generated changelog
(15:20:58) tfr42: +1 (since it was a fix done for 3.1)
(15:21:30) markusschneider: merged
(15:21:41) markusschneider: https://github.com/deegree/deegree3/pull/152
(15:22:13) markusschneider: -1
(15:22:40) markusschneider: no, change this to: 0
(15:23:22) copierrj: according to github is is already merged
(15:23:25) tfr42: +1 (same situation as for 151)
(15:23:37) markusschneider: merged (sorry, already pushed accidentally)
(15:23:52) copierrj: fine with me
(15:23:55) markusschneider: fine
(15:24:17) markusschneider: Next item: deegree website
(15:24:49) markusschneider: Anybody has an idea how to make the psc do anything
(15:24:50) markusschneider: ?
(15:25:05) copierrj: I don't know
(15:25:46) markusschneider: so the only solution is forking? ;-)
(15:26:16) copierrj: perhaps
(15:26:33) markusschneider: i really would like to be able to inform the crowd about the foss4g events via the news section...
(15:26:51) markusschneider: torsten, could you talk to jens?
(15:27:05) tfr42: hm, that is quite informal then
(15:27:15) tfr42: But I will do
(15:27:16) markusschneider: what do you reckon?
(15:27:23) markusschneider: ok
(15:27:34) tfr42: add it to https://wald.intevation.org/tracker/index.php?func=detail&aid=6438&group_id=27&atid=303
(15:27:52) tfr42: and present this to PSC
(15:27:57) tfr42: set deadline
(15:28:27) markusschneider: ok
(15:28:47) tfr42: and involve the community in the decision process as a very last try
(15:28:52) copierrj: we could a;sp reply to the last mail sent by Jens to the TMC
(15:28:58) copierrj: also
(15:29:05) markusschneider: which was?
(15:29:21) copierrj: "I have to check this when back to the office. I know there was some
(15:29:23) copierrj: preparatory work going on but not what the status of it is. I'll let you know."
(15:29:34) copierrj: 5-7-2013
(15:29:46) markusschneider: yes, lets do this
(15:30:15) markusschneider: next item: "Pull requests: Which versions to apply to"
(15:30:55) markusschneider: I believe the pull guidelines should note that committers should consider the version to targetg
(15:31:07) markusschneider: severe bug fix: current stable
(15:32:16) markusschneider: btw, shall we stop here for this time?
(15:32:23) copierrj: to prevent regression it is imho a good idea to merge every change into master
(15:32:24) markusschneider: we're already going for 1 hour
(15:32:38) copierrj: maybe we could do this discussion on the list
(15:32:40) markusschneider: reijer: in the past, we always did that
(15:32:49) markusschneider: (at least unless we forgot=
(15:32:51) copierrj: yes, but recently we forgot that
(15:32:55) markusschneider: righht
(15:34:09) markusschneider: problem is: what happens if we cannot merge it into master due to conflicts
(15:34:23) tfr42: OK. Who is doing the first punch?
(15:34:24) markusschneider: i don't want to be the one to spend hours on that...
(15:34:44) markusschneider: punch?
(15:34:55) tfr42: On the mailing list to start the discussion
(15:34:57) tfr42: sorry
(15:35:13) tfr42: for being so vague
(15:35:17) copierrj: it is imho the responsibility of the pullrequester to both do a pull on master and on other branches
(15:35:36) tfr42: Well, I do see here the TMC also in charge
(15:35:52) markusschneider: to do what?
(15:36:04) tfr42: We should judge if a pull request is worth to merge it into other branches as well
(15:36:10) copierrj: maybe we (TMC) should postpone merging until there is also a pullrequest targeted to master
(15:36:22) markusschneider: yes, this could work
(15:36:25) tfr42: ok
(15:36:32) copierrj: and remind the pullrequester of course
(15:36:41) tfr42: let's put this as our proposal on the mailing list
(15:36:54) tfr42: and then see how it develops
(15:37:01) copierrj: ok
(15:37:02) markusschneider: tfr42: can you start with this to give an example?
(15:37:13) markusschneider: how to apply your proposal in practice?
(15:37:36) copierrj: (see also my reply mail on the list)
(15:38:15) tfr42: I can put our discussion from today into an email to the mailing list
(15:38:32) markusschneider: fine. and then we apply the decision process?
(15:38:44) markusschneider: btw, where was this documented again?
(15:39:14) tfr42: this is not written down as far as I know
(15:39:24) markusschneider: ok
(15:39:39) markusschneider: we decided that on the last joint meeting, right?
(15:40:17) markusschneider: Anyway
(15:40:29) markusschneider: https://wald.intevation.org/tracker/index.php?func=detail&aid=6438&group_id=27&atid=303
(15:40:32) tfr42: your are talking about the feature request workflow
(15:40:37) tfr42: your are talking about the feature request workflow?
(15:40:51) markusschneider: yes, i was probably thinking of that
(15:41:08) tfr42: OK. let's make a break here for today
(15:41:14) markusschneider: agreed
(15:41:18) copierrj: ok
(15:41:27) tfr42: Next steps via trac and mailing list
(15:41:35) markusschneider: ok
(15:41:56) tfr42: and talk to you in 2 weeks or even earlier on tuesday in 13 days?
(15:42:07) markusschneider: right
(15:42:14) markusschneider: tuesday in 13 days
(15:42:33) markusschneider: bye
(15:42:40) copierrj: cu
(15:42:45) tfr42: bye