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deegree 2 start page

1. Status

Current stable version: v2.5 (published in June 2011)

deegree2 Services

implemented standard

additional info

deegree Catalogue Service

OGC Catalogue Service 2.0.0
OGC Catalogue Service 2.0.1
OGC Catalogue Service 2.0.2

supporting OGC ISO AP 1.0.0

deegree WCS

OGC Web Coverage Service 1.0.0

OGC reference implementation

deegree WCTS

OGC Web Coordinate Transformation Service 0.4.0

deegree WFS

OGC Web Feature Service 1.0.0
OGC Web Feature Service 1.1.0

support for Basic WFS, XLink WFS, Transaction WFS

deegree Gazetteer Service

OGC Web Gazetter Service (WFS-G) 0.9

deegree WMS

OGC Web Map Service 1.1.0
OGC Web Map Service 1.1.1
OGC Web Map Service 1.3.0

OGC reference implementation
OGC reference implementation

deegree WMPS


Web Map Print Service for creating large plots

deegree WAS

GDI-NRW Access Control 1.0.0

Web Authentication Service

deegree WSS

GDI-NRW Access Control 1.0.0

Web Security Service

deegree WPS

OGC Web Processing Service 0.4.0

deegree WTS/WPVS

OGC Web Perspective View Service Draft 6

2. Documentation for deegree 2

  • Users looking for documentation or tutorials should start with the deegree2/users page.

  • Development and design related information can be found on the deegree2/development page.