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deegree 3

NOTE: If you are looking for the current deegree 3 documentation, please refer to the official documentation on the deegree homepage.

deegree 3 is the new generation of the deegree Java framework for geospatial applications and OGC service implementations. For a list of improvements, see the highlights.

1. Available web services

Currently, deegree 3 offers the following state-of-the-art OGC web service implementations:

For further information click on the links above.

2. Relevant information


  • The DownloadPage always offers the latest releases of deegree 3 web services.


  • The services console offers an easy to use webapplication front end to configure many parts of deegree 3 configuration.

  • The workspace configuration describes the underlying files. Read this documentation to learn about the general deegree 3 configuration concept including common, service and dataaccess configuration. Recommended for users who know what they are doing when editing XML files.

Overview information on all web services offered in deegree 3:

Create your own deegree 3 eclipse project