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deegree 3 developer meeting (2008-10-14)

Protocol by: AndreasSchmitz

Participants: RutgerBezema, MarkusSchneider, OliverTonnhofer, AndreasSchmitz

1. Feature model

The implementation is going on well. The model now implements the Jaxen XPath interfaces, so many XPath expressions can now be directly evaluated (except for xpaths that use parent nodes). Filter encoding expressions can be evaluated as well. The implementation of geometry parsing (on basis of GML 3.1) has been started as well and is currently progressing. A complex implementation of the geometry model is needed as more complicated geometries have to be parsed/created than the JTSWrapper implementation supports.

2. Request/response buffering

The frontcontroller has been enhanced with a request/response wrapping/buffering mechanism. The wrappers use a byte array to cache bytes that have already been read/written. If the object is then reset, the already read bytes are read from the byte array, until the stream reads further and the "real" network stream is used again. So the byte array only grows as far as the input stream is read. If it grows too big, it will be written to storage (and read from there as needed).


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