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Protocol by: ChristianKiehle

Participants: RutgerBezema, ChristianKiehle,MarkusSchneider,OliverTonnhofer,AndreasSchmitz

Raster API

deegree3 based WCS was not thread safe because of the underlying ByteBuffer, which is not tread safe. The issue was solved with the introduction of read-only views on the raster data, that allow (thread) independent access. See documentation https://wiki.deegree.org/deegreeWiki/deegree3/RasterAPI Raster API and WCS responsibiliy now lies with RutgerBezema.

deegree3 wiki

The PSC decided that deegree3 wiki pages should be made publicly available. ChristianKiehle, RutgerBezema and MarkusSchneider will decide on a structure of the deegree3 wiki pages. The wiki pages will initially target "early adopters" of deegree 3 as the main audience.

Geometry model

Significant progress has been archived during the geometry model development. A class diagram providing a high-level overview will be provided shortly. Problems occured while using JTS as default-implementation of the geometry model. MarkusSchneider recommends actually not to use the JTS implementation due to major problems in deegree3.


The Rendering engine is able to render text, but more effort has to be spend on text placement, especially along geometries. AndreasSchmitz reported problems with Java2D which causes the JVM to crash under certain circumstances. Due to high work load OpenGL rendering is put on hold.


MarkusSchneider will be responsible for SOS in the future. He will be briefed by OliverTonnhofer on the current design and implementation of this service.


2018-04-20 12:04