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deegree 3 developer meeting (2008/12/09)

Protocol: ChristianKiehle

Participants: AndreasSchmitz, ChristianKiehle, MarkusSchneider

1. Apache Ivy

RutgerBezema is currently reviewing Apache Ivy as a dependency management tool for the build mechanism of deegree3.Eventually there will be an API extraction of the current code base to separate interfaces from implementation classes.

2. WPS

MarkusSchneider is currently reviewing the WPS implementation of deegree3. He will also modify and enhance the code where necessary. The corrigendum for WPS 1.0.1 will also be taken into account.

3. Miscellaneous

AndreasSchmitz detected some significant memory leaks when redeploying webapplications. The problems are documented on ClassLoaderLeaks. ChristianKiehle reported on the current SOAP/WSDL and REST/WADL discussion during OGC-TC-Meeting.


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