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deegree3 developer team meeting 2009-01-27

Protocol by: AlexanderPadberg

Attendees: RutgerBezema, JensFitzke, ChristianKiehle, AlexanderPadberg, AndreasPoth, MarkusSchneider

1. WPS

On January, 26th 2009 a new corrigendum document for the WPS 1.0.0 specification was published as a pending document at the OGC Portal. This corrigendum includes an Explanation and example of HTTP GET encoding for WPS Execute requests. The current deegree3 WPS implementation handles KVP requests differently than recommended in the aforementioned corrigendum. According to the corrigendum KVP requests have to be URL encoded twice (the encoded values are encoded again) to facilitate the disctinction between several input parameters inside a DataInputs attribute. The existing deegree3 WPS implementation can only deal with requests, that are URL encoded once. AlexanderPadberg will look into this issue.

2. Versioning

deegree3-jar-Files are named according to the following example: commons_3.0-alpha2-nightly20090101-x.jar. The name of the module is followed by the major deegree version, which is in turn followed by alpha2 until deegree3 goes into beta-status (this is scheduled to take place shortly before the deegree day in May). Because there may be several nightly builds on the same day, the creation date is followed by a number indicating which build the jar-file is.

3. API-stability

To provide API stability the deegree source code of each module is divided into the folders src and src-api, the latter containing all interfaces necessary for external developers and users. Currently the API is not final, but is supposed to be until the end of 2009. The geometry-, feature-, raster- and filter-APIs plus the FrontController are supposed to enter stable status before deegree day in May. Afterwards only minimal changes or extensions shall be made. Future deegree3-meetings will conclude with the technical committee discussing which parts of deegree3 are to be included in src-api. Regardless of the seperation of the src and src-api folders during the build-process both parts are combined in one jar-File.

4. Documentation

A thorough description of the deegree3 framework is needed for the front page of the Javadoc documentation. ChristianKiehle will look into creating such a description for deegree3.


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