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deegree3 developer team meeting 2009-06-02

Protocol by: AndreiIonita

Attendees: AndreasSchmitz, AndreiIonita, MarkusSchneider

1. Stress testing interface

AndreiIonita worked on the WPVS testing interface, which is now functional. MarkusSchneider suggests to add the possibility to specify values for the parameters (that currently are randomized). AndreasSchmitz also came up with the following ideas:

In order to keep track of these ideas and to have them documented, a wiki page on the Testing Interface will be started.

Now the testing is carried out only for WPVS. A rough WMS testing version will also be implemented.

2. WFS

MarkusSchneider has reported successfully putting together the first building blocks of deegree3 WFS:

3. WMS

AndreasSchmitz has finished the symbolizer encoding and made further progress on parsing, i.e. now polygons and line symbolizers can be extracted.


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