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deegree3 developer team meeting (2009-06-16)

Protocol by: AndreasSchmitz

Attendees: MarkusSchneider, AndreiIonita, AndreasSchmitz

1. WFS

DescribeFeatureType requests work with various GML formats. The feature types that a WFS serves can now be configured in our own format (without mapping information and handling of simple types). Work on GetFeature parsing and beans is in progress.

2. Code provenance review

Markus is working on it.

3. OSM projection

Our CRS DB now includes the OSM projection.

4. WMS

The WMS is now compliant against 1.1.1 for GetMap requests. Work on dynamic layers is progressing (.sld and .prj files are parsed automatically now). Work on GetFeatureInfo is next.


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