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deegree3 developer team meeting (2009-07-21)

Protocol by: AndreasSchmitz

Attendees: RutgerBezema, MarkusSchneider, AndreiIonita, AndreasSchmitz


For the demo the data was prepared (Utah). Some problems have been found and are being fixed (or have been fixed already). A question arose about whether to deliver the unprocessed elevation and/or texture data or the processed one, because eg. the source elevation data is ~10 MB while the processed one is 600 MB. A mechanism to process the data on-the-fly would be nice to have.

2. WFS

Parsing of XML GetFeature is progressing. TODOs for WFS protocol include XML requests other than GetFeature and DescribeFeatureType, and KVP requests.

3. WCS

Work on the WCS is on its way, generic indexing interfaces are emerging which will be used for the WCS as well as the shape datastore. The WCS is currently in an unusable state, as it does not even start.

4. Configurations of data sources/services

It was agreed that we need a clear process on how the configuration for services is defined. The PSC should step in here.

5. Geometry

The topological operations are mostly implemented now, based on JTS. They are implemented for the following geometry types: Point, Envelope, LineString, Polygon, Surface (with limitations), Curves (with limitations, including Arcs), Multi geometries, Composite geometries. All 3D based types are not supported.

6. Filter

Work on filter encoding will again start soon, as the topological operations are working now mostly.

7. WMS

The d3 WMS is now fully WMS 1.1.1 compliant (but not certified). Work on the 1.3.0 protocol has started. The SE 1.1.0 feature type styles can now be used for styling, with filters and all.

8. SOS

The SOS is now fully 1.0.0 compliant, and will be certified soon.

9. SecuredSubController

The SecuredSubController includes some additional methods, and service developers are encouraged to check whether they can be used in place of custom methods.

10. Roadmap

A collection of items for a roadmap has been placed in the Wiki. The next step will be to make a real roadmap out of it by filling in the timeline.


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