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deegree3 developer team meeting (2009-12-01)

Protocol by: AndreiIonita

Attendees: RutgerBezema, AndreiIonita, AndreasSchmitz, ChristianKiehle, MarkusSchneider, SteffenThomas

1. WMS

The WMS API now available (thanks to AndreasSchmitz), after several bugs have been fixed. The rendering was stabilized after it was tested on different projects. All points, lines, polygons, etc. should behave fine now when rendered.

2. WPS

ChristianKiehle finished a proposal for OGC's OWS-7 initiative. It will focus the development of algorithms and application profiles for vector data processing.

3. CSW

SteffenThomas advanced with the developing of CSW:

4. WFS & WMS

The common Feature Store between WFS and WMS has made some progress thanks to MarkusSchneider and AndreasSchmitz. Other additions/advances were made in

5. WFS cite testing

The WFS 1.0.0 cite testing has been started and a few bugs have already been fixed. With quite little effort there are quite many tests passing (thanks to the work from the 1.1.0 testing). Otherwise, this process has prompted the need for the GML GeometryEncoder version 2.1.*, which was therefore added. Bar some other bugs finding their way in the Filter queries, the next tests should reveal bugs in new territory.

6. Other news

ChristianKiehle will take part in the OGC Technical Committee meeting next week.


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