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deegree3 developer team meeting 2010-03-09

Protocol by: AndreasSchmitz

Attendees: RutgerBezema, MarkusSchneider, LynB├╝sching, SteffenThomas, AndreiIonita, AndreasSchmitz


There is now an implementation of the WCTS which is based on the Inspire WPS application profile for coordinate transformation (aka WCTS). Example requests etc. can be found in the subversion repository.

2. XML CRS transformer

There is now a generic XML geometry transformer which can transform any XML document (containing GML geometry snippets) to another CRS. This can be handy with a lot of GML-derived XML formats/formats which make use of the GML geometry part.

3. Build system/libraries

The subversion repository does not contain the libraries any more. All libs are now contained in an online maven repository (an Artefactory instance) and are downloaded as needed upon compilation. Important changes to the build system include:

More information on the build process...

4. Subsystems dependencies

The subsystems, mostly common, have been checked for dependencies to libraries, and to each other. The goal is to get a better picture which subsystems are required for specific tasks (on runtime), and to reduce dependencies between the subsystems as much as possible. To automate such checks, ivy is utilized (this could also be used to enforce dependencies on a nightly basis).

5. Exception handling in services

The (OGC) exception handling has been cleaned up. By default, the mime type text/xml is used now, and each service can specify the use of a exception serializer per implemented version.

6. WFS 1.0.0

The WFS 1.0.0 CITE tests pass again, with the exception of the 'complex' tests.

7. Automated CITE testing

The WFS 1.0.0 and 1.1.0 tests are now integrated in JUnit tests. This enables automated nightly CITE testing, and also enables access to the specific failing tests.

8. Automated JUnit testing

All JUnit tests have been integrated into the Hudson nightly build process.

9. 0.4.0

The 0.4.0 'stable' branch has been started. That means that the configuration versions have been bumped to 0.4.0 for this branch.

10. CRS

In trunk, the StAX parser is used instead of the derby CRS database by default. This is faster, and more memory friendly than the derby backend.

11. CSW

The CSW is undergoing some review, and is tested/debugged extensively at the moment. It is now using the generic where builder to generate SQL statements against PostGIS.

12. Security

The security system is under experimental construction. It is currently being implemented to secure a WMS.

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