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deegree3 developer team meeting 2010-03-16

Protocol by: SteffenThomas

Attendees: RutgerBezema, MarkusSchneider, LynB├╝sching, SteffenThomas, AndreiIonita, AndreasSchmitz, JuditMays

1. 0.5.0

The 0.5.0 branch has been started which is the version for developing and should be seen as an 'unstable' version.

2. CITE testing

The SOS has been integrated into the nightly CITE testing suite. The transaction test for 1.1.0 is tested now.
The WCS is CITE compliant regarding to the 1.0.0 version.
CITE testing for the WFS are in working. There are still some tests that are not working at the moment.
For WMS the second alternative has been added to fulfill CITE 1.3

3. WFS

For the WFS there are some other operations implemented completely. The Transaction-, Lock- and GetFeatureWithLock operations has been implemented.

4. WMS

Faults in the rasterAPI have been fixed.
For GetFeatureInfo operation there exists the possibility to configure a radius around a feature request. Additionally, it is possible to override the radius value coming from the request.
In hudson there have been the JUnit tests integrated for automatied nightly testing.
An other feature, the picture similarity, has been implemented to compare different pictures. Moreover the centroid functionality for filterencoding is ready to use.

5. Security

The security subsystem is still under development. There is a testinstance published where everyone gets the information to run some simple secured tests against the WMS in HTTP Basic Authentication. Additionally, there is the same security mechanism implemented into the CSW to have a workaround for testing security via XML and SOA because the WMS doesn't support these kinds of requests.

6. deegree 3 wiki organisation

In the last weeks there was a discussion how the crowd of wiki pages should be handled in this wiki. Now there is a little more structure in it to get the right information quickly.
You start at the 'overview'-page and you can hangle to all the services and subsystems from there. Every subpage has the same template in organisation. The User Documentation should encapsulates the relevant information for programmers who want to uase deegree 3. The Developer Information should encapsulate the information needed for developers who are within the build process in deegree 3.

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