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deegree3 developer team meeting 2010-05-11

Protocol by: SteffenThomas

Attendees: RutgerBezema, LynB├╝sching, AndreiIonita, ChristianKiehle, MarkusSchneider, JohannesWilden

1. SOS

The configuration restructuring of the service is in heavy progress to split the dataaccess from the metadata and other necessary information to get a more transparent view, which has been described in general at deegree3/OGCWebServiceConfiguration, already.


Like the SOS, the configuration restructuring of the WPVS is still going on.
There is work investing to make the WPVS able to use a random raster as DEM.

3. schema bindings

This was described in deegree3/DeveloperMeeting/2010/deegree3Developer20100504 and till this meeting the schemas of every service are clean and removed from unused and unnecessary content.
Moreover the shifting is finished and there are no schema-definitions available in deegree-services-module. Now they can be found in


4. RasterAPI

Now the RasterAPI is able to handle requests for PNG, as well.

5. CSW bugfix

There still was a bug remaining in the transaction operation while deleting a record. This is fixed and there can be records deleted again.

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