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deegree3 developer team meeting 2010-07-29

Protocol by: ChristianKiehle

Attendees: AndreiIonita, MarkusSchneider, AndreasSchmitz, LynB├╝sching, SteffenThomas, JohannesWilden, ChristianKiehle

1. WPS

The WPS-Client API is nearly finished. It will allow easy interaction with any WebProcessingService through java command-line.

The WPS (Server) API will be enhanced with a Service Provider Interface to allow pluggable process repositories.

The class StreamBufferStore has been provided as an utility class (e.g. to be used by the WPS-Client. StreamBufferStore allows to persist a potentially large data stream on the local hard disc. This is essential when working with large streaming date and has significant benefits (e.g. scalability) over using a Byte-array based output stream.

2. PostGIS Feature Store

Recent developments on the PostGIS Feature Store allow to fully read the philosopher example from deegree2.

3. Security

A secure proxy has been added to support pluggable authentication authorities.

4. Coordinate Reference System

A concept has been initialized to support different Coordinate Reference System names. More importantly, the axis-order-concept has been redesigned: as default behaviour, the axis-order is handled as defined in specifications (e.g. WFS, WMS, etc.). To support even clients that do not care about the specified behaviour, the axis-order will be configurable based on the requesting client.

5. Georeferencing

The deegree toolbox has been enhanced to support georeferencing (for 3D objects). This component has been enhanced to support Helmert-Transformation and provides an on/off switch for the snapping mechanism, now.

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