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deegree 3 developer team meetings

For historic consistency and documentation this page contains links to all deegree 3 developer meeting protocols. Meetings in former years are bundled in separat subpages. Meetings have been held on a (more or less) weekly basis.

Please note that today deegree 3 developer team meetings are an inactive structural element in the deegree project. For current information on deegree's technical development, please refer to the Technical Management Committee (meeting notes)

Note for the minute writers:
If a new deegree3 developer team meeting has taken place, and you want to create the meeting's protocol page, please use the input box below.
New Pages should be named like this: deegree3DeveloperYYYYMMDD with the date of the current meeting, resulting in a name like "deegree3Developer20100127".

All pages created in this way will automatically be created as sub pages to this page and they will be displayed at the top of this page.

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