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Proposed Workflow for feature requests (in the tracker)

1. Intro

The TMC proposes the following workflow for new feature requests. It should be reflected by issue status in the tracker. The proposal has been taken from https://wald.intevation.org/tracker/index.php?func=detail&aid=1275&group_id=27&atid=303.

2. Workflow steps

  1. open/proposed - user requests a new feature -> Awaiting Review

  2. accepted - tmc accepts the feature (technical approval). tmc verifies the impact of the proposed changes on the application and its underlying architecture. And tmc checks how well defined the requested feature is.
  3. approved - psc accepts the feature (formal approval) and funding is clarified. psc checks if the requested feature fits into the long-term strategic vision of deegree. And evaluates if the feature fits into the common use cases of the deegree user group. psc decides if the feature request will be implemented short term - the next version of deegree. Or the feature will be implemented in the long term - in one of the future versions of deegree.
  4. inprogress - tmc assigns feature request to "target/fix for-version" (the version in which the feature will be implemented), developer or team is dedicated
  5. implemented - tmc updates target version
  6. resolved/closed - ticket is closed

Every user or developer is encouraged to vote on feature requests. The issue tracker must support this feature. tmc and psc consider the poll as a basis of decision-making.


2018-04-20 12:04