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NOTE: This page is outdated. If you are looking for up-to-date information, please refer to the official documentation on the deegree homepage.

deegree 3 featureService

1. Features of the implementation

2. See an example setup

There are two main showcases for noteworthy features of the deegree 3 featureService:

2.1. Demo configuration 1: Utah-workspace

The deegree 3 utah-workspace contains a deegree 3 featureService.

2.2. Demo configuration 2: INSPIRE Data Themes

The deegree inspire-workspace contains a deegree 3 featureService. This featureService is working on the official INSPIRE GML application schemas and provides schema-valid output and even transactional support for INSPIRE data themes.

3. Get an example setup running in 5 minutes

These two showcases contain detailed information for a local setup of the deegree 3 featureService:

4. Configuration basics

Like every other deegree 3 application, the configuration of the deegree featureService is based on the common deegree3/WorkspaceConfiguration concept.

TODO: Describe schema mapping wizard in service console.

At the moment, the deegree featureService configuration requires the manual editing of XML configuration files (a web interface is planned). If you followed the above steps, the $TOMCAT_HOME/webapps/$DEMO_NAME/WEB-INF/workspace folder contains your deegree workspace.

A deegree WFS serves the feature types from the active feature stores in the workspace. In addition to the general deegree workspace settings, a WFS workspace uses the following additional directories/files:

`-- services
    |-- ...
    `-- wfs.xml

More to come...


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