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NOTE: This page is outdated. If you are looking for up-to-date information, please refer to the official documentation on the deegree homepage.

deegree 3 mapService

1. Features of the implementation

2. See a demo installation

There are two showcases for noteworthy features of the deegree 3 mapService implementation.

2.1. Utah-workspace

The demo installation of the deegree 3 utah-workspace contains a deegree 3 mapService.

2.2. INSPIRE Data Themes

The demo installation of the deegree inspire-workspace contains a deegree 3 mapService.

3. Get it up and running in 5 minutes

Usually, the deegree mapService is one component of a spatial data infrastructure.
Examples may be found in the schowcases, which contain detailed information for a local setup:

4. Configuration basics

Like every other deegree 3 application, the configuration of the deegree mapService is based on the common deegree3/WorkspaceConfiguration concept.

At the moment, the deegree mapService configuration requires the manual editing of XML configuration files (a web interface is planned). If you followed the above steps, the $TOMCAT_HOME/webapps/$DEMO_NAME/WEB-INF/workspace folder contains your deegree workspace.

In addition to the general deegree workspace settings, a WMS workspace uses the following additional files:

`-- services
    |-- ...
    |-- html.gfi
    `-- wms.xml

The service specific configuration regarding these files is described on the dedicated page: deegree3/WMSConfiguration.

As soon as you are through with configurating the mapService, you should then turn to the much more interesting part of styling configuration.


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