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Setting the Maven library variable M2_REPO in Eclipse

This page describes how to set the Maven library variable M2_REPO in Eclipse, which is required if you have set up the build path for a deegree 3 module using Maven.

1. Changing the preferences

After you have checked out from svn you may probably see your deegree module (in that case it's deegree-core) with compilation errors as in the screenshot below.


Follow the steps: Window -> Preferences

2. Setting the classpath variable

In: Java -> Build Path -> Classpath Variable
click in the New...-button


Type in M2_REPO and press the Folder...-button


to locate the folder where your local maven repository is stored.

The screenshot below shows the correct input for a UNIX environment ($USER$ needs to be exchanged with your actual user name).


3. Finishing the work

After that the work is done and you see


everything is fine with regard to the M2_REPO variable. Press Yes


and Eclipse will rebuild the workspace... this may take some seconds.


If you experience that Eclipse doesn't seem to build correctly, you may need to select "Project" -> "Clean" or "Project" -> "Build Project" manually.


2018-04-20 12:05