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Core API subsystems of deegree 3

1. What is a subsystem?

The motivation is to define and provide a modular set of functional units with specific responsibilities for various aspects of geoprocessing. The term "subsystem" is used to describe such a functional unit of deegree3. The needed overall functionality and thus the functional units are derived from the requirements of the software products that lat/lon and others built upon the deegree3 API (services as WFS, WMS, CSW; clients; tools; other geospatial applications).

1.1. Goals

1.2. Subsystem development process

A very involved task is to define good subsystems. They often have to be derived from "requirements clusters" first, i.e. from connected functional requirements. Compared to a "requirements cluster", a subsystem has a well-defined set of functionality and responsibilites. The following states are used in the development process of deegree3:

2. Current status

3. deegree3 architecture

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