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deegree 3 user documentation

Relevant information for users of deegree 3 services, tools and programming API.

1. System requirements

The describtion has been moved to a dedicated page: deegree3/SystemRequirements gives info on required and optional third-party software and versions.

2. Downloading deegree 3

Except for the WPS, no binary builds are available yet. However, you always can retrieve the code from SVN and build it.

3. Documentation for deegree 3 services

4. Documentation for deegree 3 tools

Currently the list of tools is growing strong, that is why we collected all (well at least most) of deegree3 tools and a short description on tools page.

5. Documentation for deegree 3 API

7. HowTo

8. FAQ

1. On service startup I get the following error message. What does it mean?


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