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Release Notes for deegree 3.0 (Celsius)

This pages only describes the 3.0 release series (3.0.0, 3.0.1, ..., 3.0.x).
For future releases please refer to the road map of deegree 3.

1. Release 3.0.4

The release 3.0.4 was published May 6th, 2011.

2. Release 3.0.3

The release 3.0.3 was published March 4th, 2011.

3. Release 3.0.2

The release 3.0.2 was published December 17th, 2010.

  • added workaround for StaX-bug that can cause multiple namespace to be written (results in invalid XML/GML)
  • fixed connection leak when using GetFeatureInfo on database layers

  • fixed handling of ******** values in .dbf float fields
  • fixed handling of NULL envelopes in shape files
  • added confirm dialog in services console when deleting configuration files

4. Release 3.0.1

The release 3.0.1 was published November 26th, 2010.

  • fixed/improved sql editing/execution view in GUI
  • fixed encoding problem of new generic client when running under non-UTF-8 locale
  • more silent logging by default
  • fixed generic client when receiving binary responses
  • cosmetic changes in services console

  • fixed handling of DisplacementY in 2D-renderer
  • fixed default feature info html output for WMS
  • fixed encoding problem when using Umlauts in feature info templates on Windows
  • fixed transformation problem when transforming from google mercator to EPSG:4326

  • fixed odd namespace prefix issue in BLOB storage and GML output
  • fixed reading of polygon geometries from shape files for multiple polygons with inner rings

5. Release 3.0.0

The release 3.0.0 was published on November 16, 2010.

5.1. General

  • Focus is on providing stable OGC services and data access, not on API
  • Stable configuration concept for most relevant services and feature data access, not stabilized:
    • Coverage data access
    • SOS
    • WPVS
  • API won't be stabilized for 3.0 release, except for WPS Processlet interface

5.2. Development process

  • Maven build scripts with clean dependency management
  • Automatic build system with integrated CITE test suite
  • Artifact server for easy providing of releases and snapshots
  • Clean wiki structure with thorough information on deegree 3 service and data access configuration
  • Integration of issue tracker in development and task organisation

5.3. Feature data access (FeatureStores)

  • Complex feature structures are generally supported
  • PostGIS (relational and BLOB-mode)
  • Memory (based on unmodified GML application schemas + GML instance documents)
  • Shape (only simple features supported)
  • Plugin and configuration concept allows to add new feature store implementations easily

5.4. Coverage data access (CoverageStores)

  • Supported input formats include: jpeg, png, gif, geotiff, tiff
  • Supports single and multiresolution rasters
  • Supports raster pyramids in memory, from geotiff, and importing of deegree 2 raster trees
  • Supports JAI/ImageIO mechanisms to read images partially/tiled
  • Plugin and configuration concept allows to add new coverage store implementations easily
  • Configuration concept not mature enough for 3.0 stabilization, especially w.r.t raster pyramids and indexes

5.5. Coordinate system handling

  • Support for large number of coordinate systems / transformations (same as deegree 2)

5.6. WMS

  • Full support for SLD-WMS 1.1.1 and 1.3.0 protocols (CITE compliant), including queryable profile and dimensions
  • Support for SLD 1.0.0/1.1.0 UserStyles

  • Support for SLD 1.0.0/SE 1.1.0 for defining styles
  • Supports styling and rendering of complex feature structures such as XPlanung 2.0/3.0, GeoSciML 2.0 and INSPIRE Data Themes (Annex I)
  • Works transparently on all feature and coverage stores, rendering makes use of underlying streaming based data access, which implies low memory footprint and high scalability
  • High-quality rendering: support for vector based line decorations, support for mm and meter UOMs in styles allowing for continuous scale dependent styling
  • Templating for GetFeatureInfo-responses: easy configuration of HTML and other output formats

5.7. WFS

  • Full support for WFS 1.0.0 and 1.1.0 protocols (CITE compliant), including XLinks (GetGmlObject) + Transaction

  • Supports GML 2 / 3.0 / 3.1 / 3.2 output formats out-of-the box for every kind of feature store, plug-in mechanism for custom output formats
  • Works transparently on all feature stores, WFS makes use of underlying streaming based data access, which implies low memory footprint and high scalability
  • Supports complex GML application schemas like XPlanung 2.0/3.0, GeoSciML 2.0 and INSPIRE Data Themes (Annex I)
  • Supports complex geometries such as non-linear curves (ISO 19107)
  • Queries may use complex property names in filter expressions (XPath 1.0)

5.8. CSW

  • Support for CSW 2.0.2 protocol + INSPIRE profiles
  • Supports ISO AP 1.0 and DublinCore

  • Supports PostGIS backend with document based storage for high performance

5.9. WPS

  • Full support for WPS 1.0.0 protocol
  • Stabilized and easy-to-use API for process implementation that abstracts the WPS protocol details
  • Supports all variants of input / output parameters: literal, bbox, complex (binary and xml)
  • Streaming access for complex input / output parameters (allows the processing of huge amounts of data with minimal memory footprint)
  • Supports storing of response documents / output parameters
  • Supports input parameters given inline and by reference
  • Supports RawDataOutput / ResponseDocument responses

  • Supports asynchronous execution (with polling of process status)

5.10. WCS

  • Support for WCS 1.0.0 protocol (CITE compliant)
  • Supports range sets
  • Supported output formats: jpeg, png, gif, geotiff, tiff

5.11. SOS

  • Support for SOS 1.0.0 protocol (CITE compliant), core profile operations (GetCapabilities, DescribeSensor, GetObservation) plus GetFeatureOfInterest

  • Supports SensorML 1.0.1 (DescribeSensor), OM version 1.0.0 (GetObservation) output formats

  • Supports generic SQL backends: BLOB and relational
  • Configuration concept not mature enough for 3.0 stabilization: lack of use-cases for testing, also upcoming 2.0.0 spec. should be considered for final concept

5.12. WPVS

  • Goal: Working version that can be set up for demonstration purposes
  • Service configuration won't be finalized
  • Configuration / data access concept not mature enough for 3.0 stabilization