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Observation store configuration (workspace/datasources/observation)

First ideas on the configuration concept for all types of datasources and datastores are described in the deegree3/DatastoreConfigurationConcepts.

1. Basics

  • Observation store configurations are defined independant of the application using it.
  • Each observation store configuration may be used by multiple deegree 3 applications.
  • Each observation store configuration has its own configuration file.
  • Each configuration file contains exactly one observation store configuration.
  • Observation store configuration files are located in the datasources/observation/ directory of the deegree workspace. See the workspace directory layout for details.

  • The name of the configuration file (without the file ending) determins the identifier for this observation store configuration.
  • Configuration files need to refer to a specific schema version.

2. Schema location

The schemas for defining deegree 3 observation store data sources may be found at http://schemas.deegree.org/datasource/observation/. Each kind of observation store has its own schema definition. It is mandatory to refer to a specific version of the schemas, as the schema may change over time.

3. Configuration details

3.1. Continuous observation store

Current Version ContSQL: 3.0.0 (valid since 2010-11-15)

3.1.1. ContSQL example

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  xsi:schemaLocation="http://www.deegree.org/datasource/observation/contsql http://schemas.deegree.org/datasource/observation/contsql/3.0.0/contsql.xsd">

  <!-- [1] Identifier of the JDBC connection -->

  <!-- [1] Name of table with observations -->

  <!-- [1] Time Interval at which observations are recorded -->
  <TimeInterval uom="seconds">0.5</TimeInterval>

  <!-- [0..n] Column definitions -->

  <!-- [0..n] Option definitions -->

  <!-- [1..n] Property definitions -->
  <Property href="urn:ogc:def:phenomenon:OGC:earthquake_magnitude">
    <Column name="magnitude" type="property"></Column>
    <Option name="uom" value="richter"></Option>

3.2. Simple observation store

Current Version SimpleSQL: 3.0.0 (valid since 2010-11-15)

3.2.1. SimpleSQL example

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  xsi:schemaLocation="http://www.deegree.org/datasource/observation/simplesql http://schemas.deegree.org/datasource/observation/simplesql/3.0.0/simplesql.xsd">

  <!-- [1] Identifier of the JDBC connection -->

  <!-- [1] Name of table with observations -->

  <!-- [0..n] Column definitions -->

  <!-- [0..n] Option definitions -->

  <!-- [1..n] Property definitions -->
  <Property href="urn:ogc:def:phenomenon:OGC:temperature_average">
    <Column name="temp_avg" type="property"></Column>
    <Option name="uom" value="celsius"></Option>

4. Further workspace configuration

For other parts of the workspace configuration please consult the following pages:

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