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deegree community space 2013 planning

Please subscribe to the deegree-users mailing list to participate in the ongoing discussion to prepare the event!

1. deegree community space concept

This is the 2nd edition of the deegree community space. Information about the 1st event of this kind is here: Planning, Results

deegree community space is an event dedicated to the community of the deegree initiative. Communication is the most important aspect here, while information is the second. The event name deegree community space shall support this intention - both by explicitly naming the community and by approaching the open space concept. The project steering committee will host this event supported by the technical management committee. We see this as a major opportunity to make deegree a better community initiative.

In contrast to events like the past deegree days here we need to have and to arrange two-way communication in the first place. And looking at community building it is obviously most important that community members get to know each other. That's why we think that important aspects of the event are:

2. 2nd deegree community space planning

The event will take place:

co-located with the German GIS conference "Geoinformatik 2013".

A room with beamer for 20-30 people is available. We can use the WiFi network for internet access and we'll have access to the coffee breaks of the Geoinformatik conference. As usual, it's all free. You should only announce your participation on the deegree-users mailing list!

Additionally we'll have our own booth in the exhibition space to present the deegree initiative. Anybody who is interested in contributing to this presentation, please drop a note on the deegree-users mailing list.

Finally: There are some costs to cover. Sponsors welcome. Please let the PSC know.

3. Participants

List of Participants as per 2012-02-28:

4. deegree initiative booth

Here's a first list of things we shall arrange:

Any other ideas?

5. Contributions

Potential contributions can be presented on the deegree-users mailing list. They can be discussed there. The following list provides an overview of the contributions proposals we have so far:

You may find more information about these contribution proposals below the line.

Currently available information on contribution proposals

5.1. ContributorName: ContributionTitle (ContributionType [presentation|discussion])

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