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Configuration Tools and Best Practices

1. Datastore Configuration

1.1. Introduction to Datastores

Here only a link to the proper documentation, TBD

1.2. Using the DBSchemaToDatastoreConf Tool

The DBSchemaToDatastoreConf is a little Java application which can help you generate a deegree 2 Data store configuration. It connects to the DB, and generates from the tables you input (s. below) a valid XML containing the configuration.

Run the tool with

java -classpath .;$requiredLibs$ org.deegree.tools.datastore.DBSchemaToDatastoreConf
  -tables cityobject
  -user aUser
  -password aPassword
  -driver org.postgresql.Driver
  -url jdbc:postgresql://some.server:5432/someDb
  -output e:/temp/datastore.xsd

Where $requiredLibs$ is a classpath with the required libs (s. below for an example) and

-tables: comma separated list of tables that will be bind to this datastore. There'll be an <xs:element> and a <xs:complexType> for each table. The relation between them must be manually set. For PostGIS, the PrimaryKey of a table will be found and set as the FID; for Oracle and other DB, the FId will be set from some 'ID' filled .

/!\ Don't leave spaces behind the comma - danger of Exceptions!

-user: DB username

-password: user passwrod

-driver: JDBC driver class, e.g. org.postgresql.Driver or oracle.jdbc.OracleDriver

-url: Connection string for the DB, e.g. jdbc:postgresql://some.server:5432/someDb (for PostGIS) or jdbc:oracle:thin:@some.server:1521:db (Oracle)

-output name of the file where the datastore will be saved

An example (works if you run this from the deegree2 project directory, asuming you're in .../deegree2/scripts/batch, the classes are in .../deegree2/classes, and the lib jars are in .../deegree2/lib):

1.3. Windows

java -classpath ..\..\classes;..\..\lib\postgis\postgresql-8.0-311.jdbc3.jar;lib/log4j-1.2.9.jar;..\..\lib\deegree2.jar org.deegree.tools.datastore.DBSchemaToDatastoreConf -tables table_1,table_2 -user someuser -password '' -driver org.postgresql.Driver -url  jdbc:postgresql://server:5432/someDB -output f:/temp/datastore.xsd

1.4. Linux

(delimited by ':' instead of ';')

java -classpath .:/classes:lib/postgresql-8.0-311.jdbc3.jar:lib/log4j-1.2.9.jar:lib/deegree2.jar org.deegree.tools.datastore.DBSchemaToDatastoreConf -tables table_1,table_2 -user someuser -password '' -driver org.postgresql.Driver -url  jdbc:postgresql://server:5432/someDB -output /tmp/datastore.xsd

/!\ Note that the password is empty!

/!\ Check the created datastore.xsd for the correct Backend;it is not chosen automatically when you connect to Oracle or PostGIS.

2. WebApp Configuration

2.1. Naming and Conventions

2.2. URL

deegree services should be accessed through the following URL


where ogcwebservice is the servlet responsible forTBD: explain ow this is done in the Tomcat context, and web.xml

(this is a translation from an email from MM)

2.3. Directory

(This is a suggestion...)

Each service is installed under WEB-INF/conf/$SERVICE_NAME$

For example, an application including a wms, a wfs and a igeoportal has the following structure



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