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1. Installation

1.1. For Debian Linux

1.1.1. with postgis-package from Debian

aptitude install postgresql-8.1 postgresql-8.1-postgis postgresql-conrib-8.1

lwpostgis.sql and spatial_ref_sys.sql are stored in /usr/share/postgresql-8.1-postgis.

1.1.2. with postgis built from sources

tar xvfz postgis-1.3.x.tar.gz
cd postgis-1.3.x
./configure (perhaps you need to specifiy the parameter --with-pgsql=/usr/local/pgsql/bin/pg_config if PostgreSQL cannot be found)
make install

1.2. For Gentoo Linux

<!> You should use the package.keywords and package.use files in /etc/portage/ in favor of environment variables! <!>

 gateway ~ # USE="geos proj" ACCEPT_KEYWORDS="~x86" emerge =postgis-1.0.1_p20050805 -vp

These are the packages that I would merge, in order:

Calculating dependencies ...done!
[ebuild  N    ] dev-lang/swig-1.3.25  -X -doc -guile -java +perl +php +python -ruby -tcltk 3,370 kB
[ebuild  N    ] sci-libs/geos-2.1.4  -doc +python -static 494 kB
[ebuild  N    ] dev-python/egenix-mx-base-2.0.6  573 kB
[ebuild  N    ] dev-db/libpq-8.1.2  -kerberos -nls +pam +readline +ssl +zlib 7,853 kB
[ebuild  N    ] dev-db/postgresql-8.1.2  -doc -kerberos -libg++ -nls +pam +perl -pg-intdatetime +python +readline (-selinux) +ssl -tcltk +xml2 +zlib 140 kB
[ebuild  N    ] sci-libs/proj-4.4.9  2,385 kB
[ebuild  N    ] dev-db/postgis-1.0.1_p20050805  -doc +geos +proj 1,414 kB

Total size of downloads: 16,232 kB 

For even more actual versions of postgis you should obtain a copy of an ebuild from http://bugs.gentoo.org and place it in an portage overlay (see man 5 portage)

2. Creating a DB

createlang plpgsql yourtestdatabase
psql -d yourtestdatabase -f lwpostgis.sql
psql -d yourtestdatabase -f spatial_ref_sys.sql

3. Granting the users it's geometry Rights

db=# GRANT ALL ON geometry_columns TO PUBLIC;

db=# GRANT ALL ON spatial_ref_sys TO PUBLIC;

4. Checking Spatial Data

SELECT fnp1 FROM gruenflaechen where isvalid(the_geom) <> true; 

5. Resources

Postgis form souces on Ubuntu (works for Debian too): http://postgis.refractions.net/support/wiki/index.php?PostgisOnUbuntu

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