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deegree Summit: Joint PSC and TMC Meeting (2012-02-20)

PSC Attendees: HermanAssink, JensFitzke, KlausGreve

TMC Attendees: ReijerCopier, AndreasSchmitz, MarkusSchneider, (not: JohannesWilden)

Guests: TorstenFriebe

Time: 20:00 - 21:40 h CET

1. Agenda

A reviewed version of the agenda is compiled below.

2. Discussions, Decisions and Actions

2.1. Agenda review

Objective of agenda review is to clarify the scope of the meeting. There are too many agenda items to be covered sufficiently in a 90 minutes meeting.

The following items are identified to be covered by this meeting:

Agenda items assigned to the PSC are:

Agenda items assigned to the TMC are:

2.2. Wiki spam

There is too much spam in the wiki. About 10 to 20 new pages per day. Decision is taken to close the self-registration and provide a registration email address.

2.3. 3.2 release: Share CRS issue analysis effort

IDgis, lat/lon and OccamLabs share the overall effort to fix this issue (2 PD per company). Best solution is just to share the effort, not to transfer any money. But this is also OK if it is the only possible way to do it.

lat/lon to make a start with a technical analysis and file bug reports in the deegree tracker (earliest by mid March). If applicable the reports shall be accompanied by unit tests (to show the solution from red to green). IDgis and OccamLabs to give feedback on these reports.

2.4. 3.2 release: Verify functional scope of the release wrt. INSPIRE requirements

IDgis to make a start with an internal project document and give it a more pleasing layout to make it more suitable to external communication.

Discussion about the feasibility to create a unit test-based procedure to have an automated approach to INSPIRE testing. Objective is that developers receive respective feedback on short notice. Decision is taken to do this and share the effort (~ 1 PD per company). lat/lon and IDgis to provide test data and test cases for Annex I schemas and OccamLabs to implement the tests.

Herman explains that per the dutch INSPIRE Roadmap all deliverables have to be earlier in place than it was planned before (Download Service: End of June). Problem is that the INSPIRE technical guideline for Download Services is still work in progress.

Torsten to make a proposal how to use a deegree tracker to compile a work breakdown structure for the 3.2 release.

2.5. Documentation: Give feedback on Markus' prototype

The prototype is here: http://download.occamlabs.de/deegree-handbook/3.1-SNAPSHOT/html/ Markus explains that the documention is meant to be a user's manual, i.e. developers are not a target group of the document. The discussion shows that a reader of the manual has to know OGC and SDI concepts (INSPIRE to a certain extent) and has to be able to edit some XML code. All agree to start the document with a tutorial-like practical approach to deegree and provide material on more advanced topics, also in a practical manner. These tutorial-style chapters shall be accompanied by some background (or: reference) material.

Some feedback was provided by IDgis prior to this meeting, by email. For the records it is copied below:


    * It is not (directly) clear, what the objective is of the documentation and for whom it is written. Maybe the target group differs per chapter. A suggestion might be to have one chapter for someone who is setting up his/her first configuration (from scratch) and other chapters on extensions of existing installations.


    * The tips at the start of the characteristics, could be transformed to a separate chapter "How to make a first deegree service environment".  This chapter will appear in the TOC which would give a good lead for a quick start.
    * The structure is at the moment only two levels deep. A third level would probably give even more structure to the TOC and overview for the reader (considering that the document will expand in future).
    * The term "Once over lightly" is a little bit confusing to me (what can I expect in such a chapter?). Maybe "working with the console" fits better as title to the content. 
    * Index is handy (however not filled yet)
    * There is - as far as I can see- not consequent usage of for instance "bold" for names of buttons and "quotes" to indicate text entries.


    * The listed examples will be very useful. The terms (WFS, WMS, CSW en WPS) could be used in the names of the examples.
    * The nicely designed diagrams provide quick understanding on the architecture of deegree.
    * (The important chapter base configuration is not elaborated yet.)

Very readable.

Other suggestions:

    * How-to's (in a separate chapter).
    * Trouble shooting: what if something goes wrong.
    * Background information(references)

Document Tool vs Wiki:

    * It is clearly one single document versus a wiki, which is more of a bucket full of information. A Wiki gives more freedom to add different types of information.
    * The document has due to its structure more overview for an author and editor. Pages in a Wiki can be added throughout time, starting their own live and become more of less out of sight for the editor.
    * A Wiki is easier tolaern and to use for authors (simple web editing).

2.6. Documentation: Organize future (short-term, mid-term) documentation process

Decision to share the effort among the participants. A natural partition of the work is that users write the tutorial parts and developers the reference parts. All participants agree to think about their contribution to the overall effort (for the next meeting, 1st or 2nd of March).

2.7. Outreach: Define tools scope for Web, Wiki and Documentation

Regarding the documentation prototype technology: This is regarded to be a throw-away prototype, so there is no positive decision about the tool by now. The decision will be taken later, after the 3.2 release, based on the experience we made. There is a Wikipedia page with a comparison of such tools.

Markus to move the documentation prototype source code to the deegree SVN repository.

Not covered today: Web and Wiki.

2.8. Outreach: Contribution to Geospatial World Forum OSGeo track

IDgis already managed to place a presentation on deegree & INSPIRE in the conference.

Agreement to share the effort to prepare another presentation on deegree among IDgis, lat/lon and OccamLabs. Herman to gather more information from the conference team.

2.9. Other business

Next meeting: Beginning of March. Jens to set up a doodle for 1, 2, 5, 6 March. Options in the evening, starting at 4 p.m.

2.10. Agenda items not covered

Outreach: Web and Wiki have not been covered today.

Code repository software has not been covered today.

Agenda items assigned to the PSC are:

Agenda items assigned to the TMC are:

3. Other information

This was a conference call meeting. So there is no IRC chat log file available.


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