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deegree PSC Meeting (2012-09-03)

Attendees: HermanAssink, JensFitzke, KlausGreve

Time: 15:30 - 16:25 h CET

1. Agenda

2. Old action items, ongoing tasks

3. deegree day

4. Commercial aspects

The question is how to get enough and structural funding for the deegree project. Currently development of deegree is funded by projects/applications using deegree and effort on developers/companies contributing to deegree. Problems with the current approach are:

- not enough budget for general work items such as website, documentation, education, outreach activities;
- no guaranteed support of applications after project acceptance;
- education on deegree not well organized, depends on involved companies (lat/lon, Occam Labs, IDgis);
- unbalanced investment of companies/developers involved?

Goal of the deegree project: To get a market share of at least 30% of OGC web services, based on open source.
This means:
- better support of (potential) deegree users, i.e. easy startup with deegree, easy access to developers
- more deegree awareness in the world, more outreach activities
- more deegree developers

Starting point: Multiple involved companies (lat/lon, Occam Labs, IDgis) who need each other to make deegree a success


- Establish a deegree foundation
- Give paying members certain privileges, such as code access, visiblity on the deegree website, use of "deegree certified" logo, etc
- Establishing a support program (for organizations/people developing applications based on deegree and organizations/people contributing to deegree)
- support SLA's (guaranteed response, resolution times and change request support)
- dual licensing (GPL and closed source)?

We derive the following agenda from this for the meeting:

We'd like to have some information at hand before the meeting so that everybody can be well prepared.

5. Other business

6. Next meeting


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