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deegree combined PSC & TMC Meeting (2013-05-23)

PSC attendees: HermanAssink, JensFitzke, KlausGreve (until lunch)

TMC attendees: Andreas Schmitz, MarkusSchneider, ReijerCopier, TorstenFriebe

Location/Time: Essen, Germany, Linuxhotel / 10:15 - 16:10 h CET

1. Agenda

2. Mission statement

A draft version of the mission statement has been developed, starting from a brain storming:


3. Mission statement support

This section covers the results of a brainstorming about the question: "What would you do first to support the mission statement if you had the necessary time or budget?" Responses from participants have been collected:


In a more readable form this includes the following items:

4. Operational issues

5. Actions


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