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Release Notes

1. deegree 3

The new major version of deegree has its own page for deegree 3 release notes.

2. deegree 2

This page is mother to all deegree 2 release notes pages in this wiki, current and future.

If you are not interested on what has changed, but would rather like to know what will change, then it might be helpfull to consult the ReleasePlan.

2.1. Release Notes v2.4

The release 2.4 (stable) was published in November 2010.
The changelog document for deegree 2.4 is not available yet.

2.2. Release Notes v2.3

The release 2.3 (stable) was published in April 2010.
There is a changelog document for deegree 2.3 available.

2.3. Release Notes v2.2

On ReleaseNotesV22 you find all necessary info on what has changed with the new release.

2.4. Older Release Notes

The process of publishing release notes has been introduced to deegree with release v2.2. Therefore there are no release notes for older versions.


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