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deegree TMC Meeting (2011-11-23)

Attendees: ReijerCopier, AndreasSchmitz, MarkusSchneider

1. Agenda

2. Decisions and Actions

2.1. TMC meeting schedule

It was decided to have bi-weekly TMC meetings every Tuesday at 14:30. Next meeting will be on Tuesday, December 6th 2011.

2.2. TMC chair

MarkusSchneider was elected to be chair of deegree TMC.

2.3. deegree 3.2 planning

Related issue: Tracker item #6265

Action items

2.4. deegree 3 visibility/servlet mapping

Related issue: Tracker item #6264

Generally, the TMC considers the idea of improving the visibility of the deegree product name, but rejects the idea of changing the URL pattern.

The TMC suggests the following ideas instead:

2.5. deegree 2 release process docs

Related issue: Tracker item #6263

Action items

2.6. deegree demo server QA

Related issue: Tracker item #6253

Postponed as this has to be discussed with JohannesWilden.

2.7. deegree SVN structure

Related issue: Tracker item #1305

Action items

2.8. Commit templates for deegree 3

Related issue: Tracker item #1256

As discussed in the past, manually categorized commit templates are considered not very helpful. In the future, an issue-oriented development mode (including proper Mylyn integration in Eclipse) should be reconsidered to provide integrated commit messages. For now, the item can be closed.

3. IRC log



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