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deegree TMC Meeting (2012-01-17)

Attendees: ReijerCopier, AndreasSchmitz, MarkusSchneider, JohannesWilden

1. Agenda

2. Decisions and Actions

2.1. deegree summit

The first deegree summit (joint meeting between deegree PSC and TMC) is going to be on January 24th, 2012. Here's the list of items that the TMC staff would like to discuss:

2.2. Validate successful deployment of services on demo server

Related issue: Tracker item #6253

Action items:

2.3. Add info on how find documentation on deegree 2 release process to the wiki

Related issue: Tracker item #6263

Action items:

2.4. deegree 3 environment compatibility

Action items:

3. IRC log



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