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deegree TMC meeting (2013-01-22)

Attendees: ReijerCopier, TorstenFriebe, AndreasSchmitz, MarkusSchneider, JohannesWilden

1. Agenda

2. GitHub: Pull requests (deegree 3)

3. Perform pre-release builds after every TMC meeting/GitHub pull session

4. Continuous Integration for open pull requests

5. How to properly perform/maintain custom deegree3 builds

6. PSC questions on JIRA

"We, PSC members, understand from the last TMC meeting minutes that the TMC has a strong preference for JIRA as the tracker system. As discussed before, the PSC has an objection against JIRA because it is not open source. The PSC is willing to second the preference of the TMC if there is no real good open source alternative. So, the PSC has some questions:

  1. What are the key advantages to the deegree project of using JIRA, in comparison with open source alternatives (Trac, Redmine, Bugzilla, etc)
  2. What is the cost of implementing JIRA for the deegree project, e.g. specific configuration and/or customization; and with open source alternatives?
  3. What is the required effort of migrating from JIRA to another Tracker system, e.g. if JIRA is no longer free for open source projects?"

TorstenFriebe will answer this email.

7. Administration of the deegree-services tracker

8. IRC log



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