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deegree TMC meeting (2014-05-07)

Attendees: ReijerCopier, TorstenFriebe, StephanReichhelm, MarkusSchneider

Guests: JensFitzke, SebastianGoerke

1. Agenda

2. Date for TMC/PSC joint meeting

A TMC/PSC Skype meeting has been scheduled for Friday (May 9) at 11 am to find a date for the TMC/PSC joint meeting.

3. Consolidation of deegree infrastructure

The machine that hosts several services of the deegree project (artifact repository, buildserver, homepage) is currently suffering from hard disk problems. In the past, this machine has generously been payed and administered by lat/lon. lat/lon is willing to continue this contribution to the deegree initiative, but would like to hand over server adminstration responsibility to the TMC. This should also include transfer of other deegree services which are still on lat/lon servers (wiki, trac, potentially others).

4. deegree at Bolsena Code Sprint 2014

The yearly Bolsena Code Sprint is close, but a few free places are still available. This could be an excellent chance to fix remaining blockers and get a well-tested 3.4 release out of the door. Maybe every company involved in the deegree bodies (lat/lon, IDgis, Occam Labs, grit) could send one developer to work on this in the spirit of OSGeo. And of course, to enjoy the Italian sun a bit :-)

Note that the FOSGISS sponsored this in the past, so chances are that they will be pay the costs for accomodation (550,- per person) again.

5. Status of automated pull request testing

Automated pull request testing for 3.3 is working now, at least most of the time. Sometimes, build time exceeds 50 minutes which leads Travis to terminate the build. While this is not 100% satisfying (and should be improved, e.g. by implementing caching of dependencies), it can usually be worked around by re-running a timed out build.

6. deegree3 development pulls (for 3.4-pre11)

7. deegree3 point release pulls (for 3.3.9)

8. Pull request feedback

During the pull request session, the issue of providing feedback back to pull requesters came up. Ideally, this should be done in a standardized manner. TorstenFriebe agreed to cope with this for now, along with his tasks of compiling release notes and maintaining the trackers.

After the meeting, TorstenFriebe and MarkusSchneider prepared an initial set of response templates: https://github.com/deegree/deegree3/wiki/Pull-request-response-templates

9. 3.4 release date

SebastianGoerke joined the meeting and asked for the release date of deegree 3.4 final. There are several blockers to this (most notable UI regressions) and an official release date is not available. This needs to be discussed at the upcoming TMC/PSC joint meeting.

10. IRC log



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