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WFS Plugin for OpenJUMP

1. Introduction

The WFS-Plugin is a plugin for OpenJUMP. It is needed for the deeJUMP functionality in OpenJUMP as well as for the deegree ConfigTool.

The current stable version of the WFS-Plugin can be downloaded from OpenJUMP's SourceForge pages. From there one can also access the subversion repository to get the latest version.

To install the WFSPlugin you need a wfsplugin.jar. This can be downloaded or built with ant. To install the .jar just copy it into the lib/ext directory of your OpenJUMP installation and restart OpenJUMP.

2. Features

See the release notes for features of the various versions.

Problems with the WFSPlugin can be reported to the OpenJUMP issue tracker.


2018-04-20 12:04