deegree PSC meeting, 2010-06-24, IRC #deegree

(20:03:27) JensFitzke: Here's the agenda for today:
(20:03:32) JensFitzke: # (805) INACTIVE # (838) Action Herman (DONE, see mail) # (1126) Action Herman (UNKNOWN STATUS) # (1253) Action Herman (UNKNOWN STATUS) # (1297) Action Jens (DONE, see draft on # (1304) INACTIVE # (1470) Action Jens (DONE, see Tracker) # (1474) Action Jens (TO BE DONE) # (1494) Action Jens (DONE, but no response, yet)
(20:03:48) kgreve: o.k
(20:03:56) JensFitzke: we start with (838) Action Herman
(20:05:01) Herman_: Translation was provided and reviewed by Andreas Poth
(20:05:33) JensFitzke: The original Tracker item is: "The PSC shall take an action to make guidelines for release management available in the wiki. "
(20:05:51) JensFitzke: So this would be the next step, right?
(20:06:11) kgreve: right
(20:06:22) Herman_: One remark: There are explicit references to "lat/lon employees". My suggestion is to replace these with "member of developers" and/ or "member of TMC"
(20:06:37) ampoth: @Jens, Klaus: did you have a look at the guidelines?
(20:06:56) JensFitzke: No. I'll do so, as soon as they are transferred to the wiki.
(20:07:13) JensFitzke: I trust both of you
(20:07:23) kgreve: me too
(20:07:47) Herman_: Please comment on my remark
(20:08:03) JensFitzke: These references have to be changed. Correct.
(20:08:27) ampoth: i will do
(20:09:59) JensFitzke: @ampoth: Are you also going to set up the wiki page then?
(20:10:53) ampoth: if it don't have to be finished within the next month I can do this
(20:13:40) JensFitzke: hmm, perhaps we'd then have to find another solution. Let's just say that it is now Andreas' task and that he has to take care that the document is available on the deegree wiki ASAP
(20:14:26) ampoth: OK
(20:14:30) kgreve: fine
(20:14:44) Herman_: OK
(20:15:02) JensFitzke: Next agenda item is: (1126) Action Herman (UNKNOWN STATUS)
(20:15:17) JensFitzke: ... which is about JPEG2000. It was ECW in the beginning.
(20:15:24) Herman_: On #1126: Reijer provided a document on JPEG2000. Conclusion: Very ambitious to implement in deegree because of the lack of suitable libraries
(20:15:25) JensFitzke: And there's a document.
(20:15:57) Herman_: Regarding new ECW libraries: The new license is a problem: Customers must have a valid Image Web Server license
(20:16:11) ampoth: sounds to me that should not do it within deegree 2
(20:16:35) JensFitzke: @Herman_: That's why we had this shift to JPEG2000, as far as I remember.
(20:17:15) Herman_: Yes, the new ECW license is one of the reasons to look at JPEG2000
(20:17:21) JensFitzke: @Herman_: In the document, you mentioned read-only support. Any idea about the effort?
(20:17:34) kgreve: so we have a) a license problem (ECW) and b) a technical problem (JPEG200)
(20:18:16) JensFitzke: @kgreve: either or, not both
(20:18:30) kgreve: both -
(20:18:39) Herman_: No, no idea about the effort, Reijer experimented with JPEG2000, but concluded that it is at least several months effort.
(20:18:52) JensFitzke: ouch
(20:19:04) kgreve: sounds not like a solution for our problem
(20:19:30) JensFitzke: Any suggestions for a motion?
(20:19:47) Herman_: We think of using tiled services for raster data
(20:21:13) ampoth: in deegree 3 there is a very efficient raster format but this does not solve the basic problem: deegree users may have ECW and/or JPEG2000 file and need support for it
(20:21:59) JensFitzke: Sounds like they have to find somebody who is willing to do the job. And have the money available...
(20:22:44) Herman_: You can use GDAL2Tiles to convert ECW and JPEG2000 to tiles
(20:23:01) JensFitzke: Nothing to do for us, I'd say. We have some analysis results available and should document them on the wiki. That's it. Send a mail to the lists to tell everybody.
(20:23:20) JensFitzke: @Herman_: This could be included in the wiki as a workaround solution.
(20:23:57) Herman_: OK, we could provide some input for this wiki page in the next months
(20:24:43) JensFitzke: How about rephrasing this to "next weeks" or "next month"?
(20:25:24) JensFitzke: I mean that all the material is already available. It just needs a wikiation. (Do you say that?)
(20:25:46) Herman_: Summer holiday is soon and we expect one or two projects using tiling after holidays
(20:26:28) Herman_: We (Arie Kraak) can make a wiki page of the available material in the next weeks.
(20:26:29) JensFitzke: A wiki page is work in progress anyhow. We could start with what we have and later add something else.
(20:26:43) JensFitzke: parallel typing.
(20:26:48) JensFitzke: great
(20:27:11) JensFitzke: Great that Arie is going to work on that?
(20:27:15) JensFitzke: that!
(20:27:41) JensFitzke: Could we then move to our next agenda item?
(20:27:52) kgreve: please
(20:27:53) ampoth: OK
(20:28:02) Herman_: We like to have some input on how to include it in the deegree wiki. Can Judith help with that?
(20:28:17) JensFitzke: Judit can do
(20:28:21) Herman_: OK
(20:28:25) JensFitzke: Next one is: (1253) Action Herman (UNKNOWN STATUS)
(20:28:39) JensFitzke: ... which is about, wait, have to look into the tracker...
(20:28:54) JensFitzke: "Finalize process documentation"
(20:29:30) JensFitzke: There were three wiki pages to be reviewed and finalized. No progress, I guess. Correct?
(20:30:11) Herman_: The tracker says action: nobody. I read the process documentation, but was not yet able to add missing text
(20:31:38) Herman_: Let's postpone to the next meeting. Will Klaus and Andreas review the text as well?
(20:32:12) JensFitzke: I think it was your item, Herman, because you volunteered to do it during one of our last meetings.
(20:32:13) kgreve: yes, sure
(20:32:34) kgreve: I promised to support
(20:32:43) ampoth: yes, but i#m still not sure if i understand everything but i will d my best
(20:32:53) JensFitzke: @Herman_: The assignment is not reflected in the tracker. Should it?
(20:33:12) Herman_: Yes, I remember. I will review it first. OK
(20:33:40) Herman_: OK to assign it to me.
(20:33:51) JensFitzke: Done
(20:34:10) JensFitzke: OK. This one is postponed then. Next one is ...
(20:34:27) JensFitzke: (1470) Action Jens (DONE, see Tracker), which is ...
(20:34:54) JensFitzke: There is assistance from the TMC. Did you read that?
(20:35:00) kgreve: yes
(20:35:10) ampoth: yes
(20:35:17) Herman_: yes
(20:36:42) JensFitzke: Does it provide enough explanation, so that we can agree to the proposal now?
(20:36:52) kgreve: yes
(20:37:01) Herman_: I see no problem with the proposal of the TMC. OK with me
(20:37:13) ampoth: ok for me
(20:37:31) JensFitzke: ... and how about that "deegree-ows" sub-proposal?
(20:37:56) JensFitzke: I think, it sounds quite technical. I liked "deegree" more. Sounds nicer ...
(20:38:06) kgreve: me too
(20:38:26) JensFitzke: Sure "deegree" is not sharp enough, if you want to be exact.
(20:38:59) ampoth: I still think it is nice for deegree demos but not so important for customer projects, so no problem with this
(20:40:09) JensFitzke: so keep "deegree" or switch to "deegree-ows"?
(20:40:33) ampoth: switch to deegree-ows ...
(20:41:00) ampoth: because it allowes distinguishing between services and clients (portals)
(20:41:24) kgreve: do plain users understand ows?
(20:41:49) Herman_: I don't think so
(20:42:09) ampoth: no, but do plain users realy care about a WMS URL?
(20:42:15) JensFitzke: I can imagine that using "deegree" for services is fine and that for other stuff there are additions like "deegree-portal", "deegree-security" and the like
(20:42:52) kgreve: do we talk about technology or PR?
(20:43:06) ampoth: PR I guess
(20:43:09) JensFitzke: ... and if it should be more sharp, I'd prefer "deegree-services"
(20:43:12) JensFitzke: PR
(20:43:19) kgreve: right
(20:43:31) JensFitzke: @kgreve: right what?
(20:43:38) kgreve: deegree-services
(20:44:20) Herman_: deegree-services is clear to everybody
(20:44:29) JensFitzke: (the fun is that the whole thing started from moving from "services" to "deegree")
(20:44:52) JensFitzke: perhaps they say that "deegree-services" is too long ... don't know
(20:44:58) Herman_: Yes, that's really fun :-)
(20:45:34) JensFitzke: if the "ervices" does not fit into the browsers address field, it still displays "deegree-s", so no problem from a PR point of view.
(20:46:36) kgreve: sounds posh
(20:46:42) ampoth: As long as the demo deegree installations uses deegree as part of the service path I think nearly everything is acceptable
(20:47:11) Herman_: I agree with Andreas
(20:47:44) kgreve: so it is deegree-s?
(20:47:51) JensFitzke: sounds like consensus. We'll confirm the proposal then and ask for an amendment to move to "deegree-services", but "deegree-ows" is also acceptable.
(20:48:13) Herman_: OK
(20:48:20) ampoth: just for for example
(20:48:38) JensFitzke: The next agenda item was (I missed that one): (1297) Action Jens (DONE, see draft on
(20:48:52) ampoth: geoserver default address is http://localhost:8080/geoserver/ows no matter if WMs WFS or WCS
(20:49:48) JensFitzke: @ampoth: Does this change our decision?
(20:51:13) ampoth: I don't know, I just want to give some input having a look on solutions of other comparable projects
(20:52:14) JensFitzke: Any other comments on the URL issue?
(20:52:57) kgreve: no - I like deegree-s
(20:53:07) ampoth: OK
(20:53:07) Herman_: The example from geoserver confirms our decision to include "deegree" in the url.
(20:53:16) JensFitzke: Can we then confirm the proposal and ask for an amendment to move to "deegree-services", but "deegree-ows" is also acceptable?
(20:53:29) Herman_: Yes
(20:53:33) ampoth: ok
(20:53:35) kgreve: yes
(20:54:47) JensFitzke: We're approaching 9 p.m. Time to make an appointment for next week...
(20:55:04) JensFitzke: I'd suggest Wednesday and Thursday.
(20:55:18) ampoth: I can offer monday an wednesday
(20:55:51) kgreve: I can offer Mo0nday and Tuesday
(20:56:08) Herman_: I am not available on Wednesday. My son gets his diploma.
(20:56:17) JensFitzke: OK. Monday then?
(20:56:20) kgreve: (congratulations)
(20:56:24) ampoth: ok
(20:56:30) Herman_: Monday is OK with me
(20:56:34) Herman_: Thanks
(20:56:51) JensFitzke: On Mondays I am not available from 7 to 9 p.m.
(20:56:54) ampoth: I still have 15 minutes, shall we go on
(20:57:14) kgreve: Monday is ok but I ´m limited in time,
(20:57:18) JensFitzke: No, let's try to fix the next meeting.
(20:57:39) ampoth: on Monday eery time id OK for me
(20:57:52) JensFitzke: Monday at 5 p.m.?
(20:58:02) kgreve: so - Monday, please not more than 45 min, sometime after 20:00?
(20:58:27) JensFitzke: after 2000 would mean after 2100. fine with me, but not for Andreas, I guess
(20:58:57) JensFitzke: so, 2100 to 2200?
(20:59:08) JensFitzke: should be sufficient.
(20:59:09) ampoth: as said, monday I am not limited
(20:59:23) Herman_: From 21-22 OK with me
(20:59:30) kgreve: o.k.
(20:59:31) JensFitzke: Yeeha!
(20:59:51) JensFitzke: And it's exactly 2100.
(20:59:58) JensFitzke: now.
(20:59:59) kgreve: perfect
(21:00:00) JensFitzke: now
(21:00:12) kgreve: now
(21:00:21) JensFitzke: "see" you all next Monday!